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Written by: Diana West
Saturday, March 17, 2012 5:56 AM 

Naturally, I heartily concur with my brother-in-pens Andy McCarthy's Get Out of Afghanistan Yesterday piece today, and would like see that motto flying on a new flag by Betsy Ross.

Meanwhile, for what it's worth:

The next time Corruptocrat-and-Misogynist-in-Chief Hamid "Karzai [lashes] out again at the United States, saying he was at “the end of the rope” over the deaths of Afghan civilians at the hands of NATO forces," as the New York Times reports today, could Barack Obama throw back hard data?

According to the latest ISAF figures on the past four months, 93 percent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan have been caused by the Taliban. Seven percent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan have been caused by US-led forces.

The latest UN figures for all of 2011 tell a similarly lopsided story: the Taliban share of civilian casualties came to 77 percent; the US-led share came to 14 percent. (UNAMA could not attribute 9 percent to either side.)

Is Hamid Karzai at the  "the end of his rope" over Afghan deaths at the hands of Taliban forces?

Of course not. It's all just another turn of the Islamic-aggrievement-US-abasement cycle of dhimmitude. Obama's failure to defend the United States military against these calumnies is also the perfect issue for even our see-no-foreign-policy(war) GOP presidential candidates to tee up and whack into the stratosphere.

In the insult to injury department, the Times also reports:

In his phone call, Mr. Obama began by congratulating Mr. Karzai on the birth of a baby daughter on Thursday, saying that as the father of two girls himself, there was “no greater blessing” than to have daughters, administration officials said.

First, the man drags his daughters through the Sandra Fluke bizarro-sewer of shamelessness. Now, he brings his girls into conversation as a point of supposedly common humanity with Karzai, who just this month came out publicly in support of a "code of conduct" from the mullahs that renounces the equality of women before the law. 

I am reminded of a searing anecdote related to both women's inferior state in Islam and the reception a baby girl may get in Islam from Wafa Sultan's amazing memoir and discourse on Islam internalized, A God Who Hates. Discussing her own birth into an Islamic household in Syria, Wafa invokes a particularly ugly hadith pronounced by Mohammed: A woman is a defect.

Wafa Sultan writes:

In Islam, this hadith and all its ramifications are sacred. We are forbidden to overstep it, cast doubts on it, or question it.... I heard this belief repeated from my first moment of awareness. This was not the only hadith dropped into my package but it was the ugliest.

My first memory of my mother is her story of how she chose my name. She laughed when she told the story but I always wondered if she was crying inside. She told me she was not very happy at my arrival, and neither was my father ... My paternal uncle's wife already had two boys before she did. Under pressure from this calamity, she was at a loss as to what name to give me. One morning my paternal uncle ... greeted her and asked: "Have you chosen a name for her yet?"

My mother replied: "Not yet. Do you have any suggestions?"

My uncle said without hesitation: "Call her `Shit,' it's the only name she deserves.

My mother told this story hundreds of times when I was within earshot. She would tell it jokingly to amuse her female friends ... unaware of how deeply she hurt me each time she said it. And so to my [metaphorical Islamic] birthmark, my mother added the name Shit at the behest of my uncle. Her own birthmark handed down through the centuries dictated her treatment of me.

Staggering -- to a Westerner. It seems hard to imagine that Wafa's experience would seem more jarring to Karzai than Obama's felicitations.

And the American blood and trea$ure flows ....

Get Out of Afghanistan Yesterday.

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