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Apr 16

Written by: Diana West
Monday, April 16, 2012 4:55 AM 

The differences are greater than any similarities, but there is nontheless some overlap between the topsy-turviness of this story -- Britain's first Muslim life peer, Lord Ahmed, has placed a L10,000,000 bounty on the heads of both Presidents Obama and Bush due to the US placing a similar bounty on the head of Hafiz Saeed, founder of L-e-T -- and the the topsy-turviness of the Sharpton-Holder nexus.

Let me see if I can get it across. In the world ordered by gravity, parliamentary democracy and Greenwich Mean Time,  British peers do not align themselves with Mumbai jihadists against the United States.

But now there is a British peer who has aligned himself with a Mumbai jihadist against the United States.

Now, to the USA case.

In the world of gravity, constitutional government, and the Naval Observatory Clock, Attorneys General of the United States do not take orders from street thugs with blood on their hands (a cable show isn't as badge of respectability; see Eliot Spitzer) to twist the law of the land into a tool of race-hustling, vigilantism and (if Sharpton's record is any indicator) potential race rioting.

But now there is an Attorney General who does exactly that.

The barbarians are not at the gate, not inside the gate, but inside the control room.


Eileen Toplansky has a required-reading-overview of Sharpton's noxious career at American Thinker, which opens:

If I were black, I would be cringing in shame at the latest photo of Attorney General Eric Holder praising the likes of Al Sharpton, a man on record for very odious words and vile actions.

I would note that "black" isn't the only pre-requisite for cringing -- just being America is reason enough. The much larger dimension here is not merely racial, but rather pertaining to the foundational and all-encompassing dimension of law-and-order. This is what elected officials, ideally of both parties, but certainly of the GOP, should be explaining to the American people as they call for Holder's resignation.

Their silence on the Hill and from the hustings is most cringe-making of all.


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