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Sep 13

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, September 13, 2007 6:07 AM 

What was the big story of the week?
Gen. Petraeus' testimony? Nope.
Another 9/11 come and gone? Nope.
The biggest story of the week--in many ways, the age--took place in Brussels, the so-called capital of Europe. There, a small band of people marked the occasion of 9/11 by peacefully protesting the erosion of liberty and the disappearance of Western culture that is resulting from the Islamization of Europe. Or, rather, they tried. Belgian police closed down the protest (brutally arresting some participants) in effect for its daring to dissent from the prevailing multicultural diktats of "tolerance," which are supposed to extend even to the intolerance of sharia (Islamic law). (I call this "terminal tolerance.") 

This outrageous incident is the subject of this week's column. Although the protest against sharia in Europe was ignored by the MSM, it's crucial that we examine and learn from it. Understanding the fight against encroaching sharia is critical to the so-called war on "terror," our role in Iraq, even the legacy of 9/11.


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