Thursday, September 24, 2020
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A month or so ago, I began posting videos and essays at Patreon, mainly but not exclusively for subscribers. I will be posting video weekly, but only so long as I have something new or something that has been overlooked. 

I must say I am enjoying the new format as well as the feedback so far and I hope you will consider joining.

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I have been reading a fascinating book -- Final Verdict by Adela Rogers St. Johns. It is a memoir about her father, Earl Rogers, a California superstar defense attorney in the early part of the 20th century.

St Johns was a highly successful and wonderful writer, screenwriter and journalist. What really sets this 1962 book apart from anything I have read before is her unique perspective on her protagonist -- her brilliant, charming, but, of course, flawed father. She didn't come to know her father as most children do; after work, on weekends, and so on, a child gradually pulling a father into focus along the way to maturity. As a very young girl -- her feet still didn't touch the floor under her chair -- Adela Rogers became what is best described as her father's professional confidante. While her peers were in classrooms, she was very often in court rooms and her father's...

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"Fake News" says it all -- but then there is so much more to say.

I am reading through a soon-to-be-published book, Disinformation: Soviet Political Warfare 1917-1992, by Natalie Grant. Besides becoming one of the pre-eminent experts in communist political warfare of the 20th century, Grant, who died in 2002, was born and raised in pre-revolutionary Russia and witnessed the revolution and civil war that followed. I will likely have something to say about the book as a whole, but for now I am busy underlining  definitions and observations, a couple of which I will copy here.

"An extensive disinformation operation of the Soviet type requires the strictest censorship, a smothered press, and a people downgraded to the `masses' and unable to take part in active politics."

Does anything better describe the state of our nation in 2020? Here in the Land of the...

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