Tuesday, June 02, 2020
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This is a post for "family" -- readers of this blog, and especially longtime readers of this blog, who will be able to hearken back to The Disinformation Wars on American Betrayal. 

As some will have noticed, I have not been publishing much of late in the Epoch Times. Until quite recently, this was due to the fact that I have not been writing much of late either, having been consumed by private matters for some months. My April 12 column, "When Grand Juries Are Not So Grand," was my first contribition since February 3, which was my first contribution since December 22, 2019. I think it was probably also my last.

On April 21, I received an email from the op-ed...

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Back in October, I abandoned an essay I had begun about Andy McCarthy's book, Ball of Collusion, especially regarding his statement of faith in the so-called Intelligence Community and Mueller Report finding that "Russia" "hacked" the DNC (see below). As many will recall, the evidence for this finding is a redacted draft report submitted to the FBI by a DNC contractor, Crowdstrike. 

After the recent release of December 2017 testimony by Crowdstrike co-founder (and Mueller protege) Shawn Henry in which he admits that Crowdstrike had no evidence for this foundational charge, I wondered how we might approach the colossal course correction, news correction, history correction, the admission requires, not to mention the questions it raises about this testimony having remained locked away from public sight for two and half desperate years. After all, this charge -- that "Russia"...

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I can't think of a better word than "blithering" to describe Conrad Black's writings about FDR, especially in conservative publications.

His writings about American Betrayal and Yours Truly, however, are something else again but I haven't found the apt word to encapsulate the crude, pompous and vicious streak in him that my work has magically inspired.

To wit:

Diana West, a right-wing loopy who has occasionally aroused cautious hopefulness that she has been house-trained, has published a novel presented as a non-fiction work, entitled “American Betrayal." ... The West farrago of lies has been thoroughly debunked, especially by Ron Radosh...

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