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Nov 29

Written by: Diana West
Monday, November 29, 2010 5:26 PM 

I wish Julian Assange would Wikileak this story so maybe, just maybe American would finally pay attention to a real scandal.

From the AP:

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan border policeman killed six American servicemen during a training mission Monday, underscoring one of the risks in a U.S.-led program to educate enough recruits to turn over the lead for security to Afghan forces by 2014....

Is this what jihadist, Muslim-on-infidel murder by our Afghan "allies" is now -- "one of the risks"? This is not a risk worth taking for the servicemen's interest, the military's interest, or the country's interest. This effort, this theory, this utopian drive to remake Afghanistan in something akin to our own image is not workable, nor is it acceptable as the blood-and-treasure-draining policy of this nation.  

Nor is this:

NATO is still investigating an incident earlier this month in which two U.S. Marines were killed in southern Helmand province, allegedly at the hands of an Afghan soldier.

Or this:

After two deadly shootings in July, NATO officers said they were re-examining training practices to make sure that such attacks did not happen again.

On July 20, an Afghan army sergeant got into an argument at a shooting range in northern Afghanistan and shot dead two American civilian trainers before being killed. Another Afghan soldier was killed in the crossfire.

Or this:

A week earlier, an Afghan soldier stationed in the south killed three British troopers, including the company commander, with gunfire and a rocket-propelled grenade in the middle of the night.

It goes on:

In November 2009, an Afghan policeman killed five British soldiersat a checkpoint in Helmand.

On Sept. 29, 2008, an Afghan police officer opened fire at a police station in eastern Paktia province, killing a U.S. soldier and wounding three before he was fatally shot. A NATO official expressed shock at the time that an Afghan officer would betray his NATO partners.

And there are more -- more even than AP's "Afghan attacks at a glance" suggest, including ambushes likely involving Afghan soldiers such as this one in August 2009.

The recent increase in such shootings suggests --

Lemme guess. Suggests that the West and Islam don't mix? That Afghans cannot be trusted as armed "allies"? That the social engineering theories of COIN, based on the utopian premise that the West and Islam are compatible if not also interchangeable, must be scrap-heaped? Nope.

The recent increase in such shootings suggests that the Afghan security forces may be suffering from growing pains. In the past year, the size of the Afghan police force grew 27 percent from about 95,000 officers to 120,500. The army increased 42 percent from 97,000 soldiers to about 138,200.

Meanwhile, also on Monday, but in Washington not Afghanistan:

Michèle Flournoy, U.S. undersecretary of defense for policy, and Adm. James Stavridis, who is both U.S. European Command chief and NATOs supreme allied commander, said the American-led mission will continue — with intensity — for years.


Let it go.

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