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Scene from a fine Thanksgiving Day, 2015.


All it takes for evil to


Is for good men to do


Edmund Burke



*If I've read the e-address correctly, the website doesn't exist any more.

But by the field, in that sunshine, the sign poses the eternal challenge. 


Eight years ago -- two generations of college students ago -- I visted Yale to speak about my just-published first book, The Death of the Grown-Up.  

What happened back then offers a little context for what is happening today.

From October 19, 2007: "Making the West Disappear."

Earlier this week, I took a trip down memory lane to Yale, where I happily attended college almost 25 years ago in the second decade of its co-ed existence. Which meant that I was plenty old enough to be the mother of the undergraduates I was addressing in the traditionally genteel setting of a "master's tea." The tea, attended by about two dozen, was in beauteous Branford, one of Yale's 12 residential colleges, all carved stone and grassy courtyard.


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My weekly segment on The Sam Sorbo Show, with thanks to Tundra Tabloids.

One thing I could never master when I was writing a weekly newspaper column was the concept of the "evergreen," the column that was so general and non-specifically applicable to any old thing that it could be dropped in for a week's holiday.

Or so I thought.

"Burnt Offerings on the Altar of Multiculturalism," which I wrote eleven and a half years ago in the aftermath of the London Underground bombings, is a column that has appeared a few times over the years. I didn't realize it when I wrote it, but it is so general and non-specifically applicable to any old thing that it can be dropped into the aftermath of any act of jihad

So here it is, again.


Only one faith on Earth may be more messianic than Islam: multiculturalism. Without it -- without its fanatics who believe all civilizations are the same -- the engine that projects Islam into the unprotected heart of Western civilization...

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Europe -- no doubt, the USA also -- is seeded through and through with Islamic cells.

In the aftermath of the latest activation of such a cell to engage in cowardly mass murder against defenceless innocents (i.e., Islamic jihad) in Paris, there seems to be reviving a misguided drive to recommit US forces to the Middle East -- even as the threat to the West is deep within the West, and still on the march into the West, as masses and masses of Muslims arrive to Islamize, i.e., extinguish, the indigenous cultures of the Western world.

The solution, the salavation, if there is to be any, must begin at home, first and foremost with  the reactivation of borders and strict immigration control to halt the transformation of the USA into the northern tip of Latin America, and, simultaneously, with the rejection of federal "resettlement" programs that are literally replacing the European-descended...

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From a  campus formerly thought of as Yale....

Dear President Peter Salovey, Dean Jonathan Holloway, and senior members of the Yale administration:

Next Yale, an alliance of Yale students of color and our allies, have come together to demand that Peter Salovey and the Yale administration implement immediate and lasting policies that will reduce the intolerable racism that students of color experience on campus every day.

In light of recent events, including the exclusion of black women from a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity party, a letter from a Yale administrator condoning cultural appropriation, and the debate surrounding the renaming of Calhoun College, it should now be obvious that the state of the racial climate on Yale’s campus is unconscionable. These specific incidents reflect an escalation of a long history of racism...

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"At the Cafe" by Edgar Degas

Some thoughts.

Fourteen years after 9/11, the civilized world has finally become unified, working as one in response to global jihad by ... lighting up landmarks in the colors of the latest victim-state.

This is not an effective response.

Nor are public displays of grief, including candles, teddy bears, flowers. Nor is embarking on another pointless war in the Middle East (Syria). One clear lesson of the past decade is that tying the fate of the United States of America to the fortunes of warring Islamic primitives, one indistinguishable from the next, is no way to protect the United States or the wider West. 

Today's update on doings in Syria (hat tip Andrew Bostom) offers an object...

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This is Carolyn "Biddy" Martin. She is the "openly gay" president of Amherst College. Not to be out-Mizzou'd or over-Yaled, the privileged little totalitarians of Massachusetts' bucolic Pioneer Valley have issued a set of demands of their own, including that "Biddy" denounce free speech and threaten disciplinary action and re-education for those who exercise it.

To wit:

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Portrait  of Elihu Yale by Enoch Seeman, circa 1717


Today's Yale Daily News carries an account headlined, "Race teach-in draws large crowd."

The "teach-in" (1960s retread phrase), we learn, was organized by "Yale's four cultural centers."  

For half a nano-second I wondered what they could possibly be. The British Art Center? The Dramat? Hah. Yale's four cultural centers are as follows: the Afro-American Cultural Center, the Native American Cultural Center, the Asian American Cultural Center and La Casa Cultural.

"Culture" as victim-politics, in other words; and victim-politics as cultural assault. Hence, Yale's four cultural centers are, namely, four barracks of disaffection with "Yale" as a whole -- with Western culture as a whole -- where...

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Among the tens of millions of victims of Mao's Cultural Revolution were professors, intellectuals and others steeped in learning, culture, and traditions of free thought. Such people were attacked, publicly humiliated, forced to wear dunce caps, forced to recant, sent to prison, tortured, and/or even killed by rampaging terrorist legions of mainly students known as Mao's Red Guard.

Fast forward a generation or two to the current stage of our own very successful (if you are a Marxist) cultural revolution. The video (below), taken at my alma mater this week, would seem to offer a shocking glimpse of the kind of viscerally frenzied student rage that must have coursed through the Cultural Revolution...

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What follows is a not-too-rough transcript of those scintillating minutes (starting @ 7:25) when Ben Carson turned the tables on the media, pressing them for answers on why they have never, ever, in a million years scrutinized Obama's past the way they are scrutinizing his.

The acoustics, crosstalk and charged atmosphere make it difficult to get the whole thing down, but I think it is helpful to have pulled together and polished most of it.  


And let me just say one other thing. I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one President Barack Obama, when he was running. In fact, I remember just the opposite, I remember people just said: Oh, we won't really talk about that. We won't talk about that relationship; well, Frank Marshall Davis, oh, we don't want to talk about that. Bernadine Dohrne, Bill Ayers -- yeah, well, he didn't really know him. You know, all the things that Jeremiah Wright was saying -- ehh, not a big problem.  

Goes to Occidental college, doesn't...

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Ahmad Chalabi's death this week brought up bits of Iraq War narrative from the danker reaches of the Washington swamp.   

Was Chalabi "to blame" for eight disastrous years of "nation-building" in Iraq that continued on into Afghanistan? Was he the agent, or (less-loaded word) vector of Iranian influence in the halls of Washington power that mobilized to eliminate Saddam Hussein, Iran's main enemy?

A quick survey follows.

At Salon there is consternation that Chalabi's "manipulating" of the most powerful officials of the Bush administration into war is being exagerated into a master role of "orchestrating," as some have described it. 

Pointing out that the W. Bush administration was staffed...

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I regularly read Washington's free weekly, The Northwest Current, which often covers notable local news completely missed by the Post and the Times.

Sometimes there even appears an item of much wider import.

Such as this week's story headlined: "Confucius grant lets Hardy offer new Chinese program."

Patricia Pride, principal of Hardy Middle School, has long wanted to bring a Chinese language program to her students.

That goal is now on track to become reality in the 2016-2017 school year, thanks to a new partnership with George Mason University's Confucius Institute, a program that funds Chinese language and culture programs at schools across the country.

Let's pause for a moment to decode.

Hardy is a D.C. public school on the northern edge of Georgetown. It is surrounded by affluent families who mainly do not send...

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Some names of note in the news.

DEATHS: Ahmad Chalabi, "the man who pushed America to war," as the title of Aram Roston's intriguing biography calls him, has died of a heart attack, age 71.

I read Roston's book several years ago. It makes a strong case that Chalabi was all along conning toute Washington on behalf of masters or confederates or co-religionists in Iran.

Will any obituaries mention, as Andrew Bostom reminded me this morning, that it was Chalabi who accompanied Pied Piper of Nation-Building, Bernard "Bring Them Freedom or They Destroy Us" Lewis, to address the U.S. Defense Policy Board just eight days after...

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Here we see a "refugee" "solidarity" march in Spielfeld, Austria  (h/t Vlad Tepes), but not the besieged, beleaguered, overrun town itself, which lies at the Austrian border with Slovenia. (See this report on the catastrophic situation in the town -- which professional superstructure media, with financial and logistical resources, do not, do not, do not cover -- at Gates of Vienna.)

Aside from the humanitarian crisis afflicting Spielfeld's citizens, whose businesses have closed, who stand guard in front of their homes, whose "residents don't even recognize their own town anymore," the other European crisis going unreported is the ideological edge of this assault on Europe, on sovereignty, on the nation-state, on self-government itself that hundreds of thousands of illegal...

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