Thursday, February 02, 2023

Ever wonder why the UN is a perennial force for Evil and the anti-American way?

It was the brainchild of Soviet agents. 

No kidding. So much of our history has been stolen from us that I doubt even those currently and publicly bristling at the UN's latest depredations against Israel (still holding the front line of the Western front) from Donald Trump to Charles Krauthammer, have any knowledge of this elementary fact. Nonetheless, the hidden/forgotten/suppressed record...

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In our weekly radio chat, Frank Gaffney and I discuss two recent posts: "Somersaulting in Synchronism" and "X-Mas for Truth-Seekers," which is about the recent Arpaio Cold Case Posse presser on the Obama birth certificate. 

These topics make an apt duo, both being about the lengths to which free people go to enslave themselves to Party and/or party discipline: in the former case, the press and political class puling out the stops to undermine Trump; in the latter, the press and political class...

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Graphic by GAI


In a world where journalism was about breaking news and not preserving the information vaccum, the da-da-esque "Russian hacking" mantra would be a joke around any newsroom -- not received and hallowed orthodoxy to the exclusion of any possibly emerging facts, testimonies, logic, historical context, or even conjecture that might cause a sentient being to doubt it.

In such a healthier world, where journalism was about exposing tyrants, crooks and conspiracies, the toxic tangle of overlapping links and financial connections between John Podesta, the Center for American Progress (the think tank he led), and Russian state piggy banks would not remain for months near-exclusive to investigative journalist Peter Schweizer. 


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Here is a video of a new speech I unveiled at a July 13 symposium on "American Strategy: The Way Forward," sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Strategy and Politics. The speech is titled, "`America First' in America, 1940-2016."

I have one correction: In listing the widely variious Americans who participated in the America First Committee priot to World War II, I mention William Henry Regnery as the eventual founder of Regnery Books. The founding publisher was his son, Henry Regnery. 



Arizona's legendary Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference yesterday to present the latest findings of the Cold Case Posse investigation into the veracity of the Barack Obama long-form birth certificate displayed on the White House website.

Much background here.

I have embedded the video of the event in full because it is a 100 percent sure bet that the press will not report it accurately -- or not report it at all. 

In a nutshell, the posse presents brand new evidence that the Obama long-form online display is a fraudulent document -- a forgery.

This new evidence, initiated by WND and Jerome Corsi, was developed by the sheriff's office and Mark Gillar. It indicates that there are nine points of forgery between the Obama...

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In 1950, Supreme Court Associate Justice Robert H. Jackson listed the critical differences that separate the Communist Party from all other American political parties, as related in American Betrayal:

Among the six key differences Jackson cited— including Party aims to seize power by and for a minority, Party membership secrecy, the Party requirement of unquestioning obedience to Party authority—he wrote, “The Communist Party alone among American parties past or present is dominated and controlled by a foreign Government.” 

He continued, “The chain of command from the Kremlin to the American party is stoutly denied and usually invisible, but it was unmistakenly disclosed by...

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In many ways, my 2013 book American Betrayal is a history of Big Lies -- where they come from, how they are weaponized, and how they subverted our democratic republic despite the yeoman efforts of American patriots, largely forgotten, or, in the singular case of the late, great Sen. Joseph McCarthy, eternally slandered, to wrest the truth from American liars, many of whom are now on pedestals.

In the current chatter about "fake news," its origins in the totalitarian manipulations of the Big Lie, that flexing of ideology, political power, and what we used to call mass media that first came together over 85 years ago in the Ukraine Terror Famine, have been lost. 


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We return, serene, from the first snows in the North Country

to find "fake news" blanketing the region.

What is "fake news"? The short definition is, Anything that doesn't advance the Left/Establishment agenda. It has rapidly become the falsest term of art, a mere slogan, much like "war on women," that masquerades as a dire warning label against our very grasp on reality. Did Donald Trump win 31 states on November 8, thus becoming president-elect of the United States?

Yes, but ... "fake news." Don't you know?... Russian influence on the election. CIA and all that ... hush hush.

No one in the propaganda business (formerly known as MSM) even tries to connect these disjointed dots, doubtless because doing so requires filling in with the grotesque depth and breadth of corruption and malfeasance involving Democrat political and media machinery as (partly)...

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U.S. Marine Gen. James Mattis, Centcom Commander, Afghanistan, 2011


Having been over COIN with a fine tooth comb for years, my entries on Kilcullen, Mullen, Petraeus, McChrystal, Allen and their ilk, up and down the chain of command (including their bunkum-swami, Greg "Three Cups" Mortenson), are quite voluminous. I find no Mattis, however. This is a little curious, given his shared role with Petraeus in "catalyzing" the bankrupt COIN doctrine and manual, not to mention his allure for COIN-happy Bill Kristol, who tried and failed to energize an anti-Trump presidential groundswell for Mattis last spring.

Those two counts alone should...

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