Thursday, September 21, 2023

This graphic, created by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), shows the extent of proposed offshore wind energy projects in the North Atlantic region. All of the lease areas were purchased through BOEM-conducted auctions.  


In "Destroying the Environment to Save It," John Leake alerts us to this important report by Linda Bonvie on the mass sacrifice underway of whales to the marine-industrial complex of wind turbines and oil & gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean between New Jersey and Massachusetts. 

Leake writes: 

Reading it this morning over coffee reminded...

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First and foremost, police states police speech. They replace a free press with their own or friendly organs. They police discourse about the propaganda they and their organs churn out, transforming public debate into more propaganda. 

Never before in history has a police state had access to more powerful tools than social media to set and police public debate. I refer, of course, to the American police state, a kind of fusion police state, which finally seized power after the overthrow of Donald Trump at the point of his re-election 2020. Without pliant and controlled media and social media, the overthrow of the legitimate president could not have been staged as it was, the fraud of it all faked as a legitimate election by news and social media. Ours was a propaganda coup more than anything else. After successfully declaring Biden legitimate, it was all fakery, all the time, from the "Pearl Harbor" January 6 "insurrection" to the "safe and effective" bioweapon which government and media put over...

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1) In in her 2023 Truth Summit, Elsa Scheider set out to create 21 "what makes them tick?" interviews. My interview is available free Monday through Wednesday here. The complete roster of interviews is here.

2) On the current morass, here is my latest discussion on the Audrey Russo Show.

Do you remember how hard it was to get good information, especially in 2020, back at the Beginning of the End? It is hard still, but it was much worse before so many of us had delved into the sciences with a doggedness we never mustered in high school; before we had learned to see into the geysers of government and media disinformation about the "plandemic," the "scamdemic," the garbage-demic, to take apart and stomp on all of the Big Lies we were and are still beset by. And that was even before the government's biochemical attack on the world via "mRNA vaccine" had begun.

The totalitarian-style censorship and disinformation which government, media and social media imposed upon us were (are) catastrophic and also fatal in all too many cases. That's why when we learn, through arduous court-ordered FOIA research or congressional hearings or secret interviews or confessions ... or autopsies that we...

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While you were distracted ... while you were enraged ... while you were despondent ... the new world order digital slavery ID system cranked up. Dr. Mike Yeadon sees it all quite clearly and, via Telegram, offers this warning:

Katherine Watt has interpreted the recent announcement between the WHO & the EU that they’ll adopt the digital ID system under construction in Europe.

It’s strongly worded but there’s no exaggeration in my opinion.

Each of us has a decision to make.

I’ve decided I’m not signing up to / signing onto this digital ID. There will be immediate consequences, I’m sure.


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Peggy Hall interviews Robert Brame, a forsensic arborist -- someone who studies, among other things, how trees burn, from willows to Ponderosa Pines. He also has studied how wildfires burn -- 38 of them in northern California, to be precise. In the fire's aftermath, Brame, who quite simply is a marvel, has made over 100 on-site inspections, gathering photographic evidence -- evidence, in all but three examples according to Brame, of unnatural fires. These are, therefore, unsolved crime scenes. Please watch and share.

H/t Health Impact News


Ladies and gents, read, listen to Sen Grassley's statement while you can. The media are blacking it out. They are pirahnas on the exiled President of the United States and his "documents," as they are patsies on the Puppet installed in the White House and the hard, credible evidence that Puppet Joe and Degenerate Hunter (of course, they're both degenerates) took multi-million-dollar bribes in exchange for the foreign policy of the United States! The same is true of the Justice Department and FBI. They are prosecuting Donald Trump to put him in jail for the rest of his life on legally bankrupt "documents" charges while they are protecting the Biden Crime Family from hard, credible evidence of high crimes against the nation. 

Make no mistake. This is their Bolshevik Moment -- and ours.


Last week, I came to the Senate Floor to give a speech about the Biden Justice Department and FBI playing games with the American people by hiding the FBI-generated 1023 document...

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We are living through the last revoution, even if very few people realize it. Very few people realize anything, which is in itself is a diabolical driver of this last revolution. Vaccine die-off all around? Blank stare. Weather manipulation in the skies above? Nothing. Sustainability? Monitoring? Assessing? Rating? Tracking? Huh? That's just a SMART phone.... Such was the groundwork of the longest march of all, through every institution. It began with, it depended on, education, where Americans, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, turned into masses prepped for mindslaughter.

Which takes us here, downloading -- if one is a mass prepped from mindslaughter and every other kind -- "Mississippi Mobile ID."


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From the mail: "What ever happened with your J. Edgar Hoover fact-checking pieces?" 

These were the two lengthy essays that came out of the Whitney Webb Challenge, and the answer is not too much. It all started last winter, when Webb, author of One Nation Under Blackmail, was typically including in her standard book-interview patter a series of triple-X charges against J. Edgar Hoover and others, which she would follow-up with a challenge to "fact-check" her claims. So I did, some of them, even becoming quite fascinated with some new angles on the era. Interested readers may judge the results here and here. There was a tiny flutter on Twitter (where I am banned & good riddance); a couple...

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A couple of months ago, an interview request arrived in my in-box from Elsa Scheider. It wasn't the usual request for news commentary, or even a discussion of my work. Elsa told me she was putting together a Truth Summit -- a series of interviews with "20 truth tellers in very different areas." Would I be one of them?

Elsa's goal was to explore the personality of her interviewees. As she explained her focus:

Who are you? More generally, who are these people dedicated to getting the truth out? How did they get to be as they are? How did they start out? What were their families like? How did they develop - especially, how did their passions develop? What’s their journey been? Have there been major turning points? Further turning points? And now? Finally, what message do they have for listeners? 

It sounded like a most interesting premise for such a series and...

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The conspirators who pulled off the Coup of 2020 didn't just seize the presidency from Donald Trump and overturn the will of the American people. They seized the law, including the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the language, and logic itself. It is difficult even to think in the vaccuum left behind, a place of repression, madness and persecution. 

Here is a welcome reality check from Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton:


Of course, I'm with Yeadon. On his Telegram account today, Dr. Mike Yeadon replied to an op-ed by Dr Robert Malone with the above comment and added the following:

Mike Yeadon — just now — Edit

Dear Robert,

I’m impressed by your work rate and your insightful passion.  I’m troubled by one really important thing, though!  You’re surely aware of the epidemiological analyses by Denis Rancourt and colleagues?  This shows by analysis of state by state all causes mortality (age, sex, date only, ignoring claims of cause of death, since this is subject to manipulation) that there was no excess death anywhere until after WHO called a pandemic. They did so based on “confirmed cases”, which you & I know if essentially fraud,...

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One of the challenges that faces any author of a big research work, such as American Betrayal, is how to reduce the tens of thousands of words to their essence. Well, ten years almost exactly since the publication of American Betrayal in May 2013, here's the essence -- starting with D-Day, since today is its 79th anniversary: 

But for the secret communists inside the Allied halls of power (Axis halls of power, too, for that matter) D-Day never have had to take place.

But for the secret communists deep inside the war-making councils in Washington, DC, WWII could have been over and done with as early as 1943. That means that Hitler's Reich could have been ended without a holocaust of Europe's Jews, without the fire-bombing destruction of central Europe's ancient cities, and without the tens of millions of casualties, most of which took place in the final year of the...

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