Friday, December 01, 2023

The most remarkable, thrilling and also humbling thing has happened. The great Vladimir Bukovsky and his colleague Pavel Stroilov have reviewed American Betrayal and weighed in on the "controversy."

From Breitbart News:

"Why Academics Hate Diana West"

by Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov

Groundbreaking books about the history of communism, such as Robert Conquest's The Great Terror, Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago or Viktor Suvarov's Ice-Breaker, are never written by "professional" historians. Indeed, historians typically meet those books with remarkable hostility.

Yet, non-academic history books certainly have their advantages. For one thing, they are readable. More often than not, they are better researched too. Above all, they are intellectually honest, free from the unspoken taboos of the academic world and from allegiances to theories and to colleagues...

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The most remarkable thing has happened. Vladimir Bukovsky, one of the founders of the Soviet dissident movement, and Pavel Stroilov have written a remarkable review of American Betrayal with extensive analysis of the series of baseless attacks against the book.

Stay tuned.

Bill de Blasio cut his hair. Did he change his politics? No. Next stop: Little Red City Hall.

This week's syndicated column:

Will New Yorkers elect a new mayor who dedicated himself to the Sandinistas in the 1980s, honeymooned in Cuba in the 1990s (in violation of a U.S. travel ban) and participated in a New York City Council event honoring Zimbabwe’s tyrannous Robert Mugabe in 2002?

Right now, it looks that way. In 1988, Bill de Blasio went to Nicaragua to aid the Marxist, Soviet-supported Sandinistas. He came home, as the New York Times put it, with “a vision of the possibilities of unfettered leftist government.” Today, 25 years later, New York City Public Advocate de Blasio, who remains “very proud” of his radical activities (he has since regretted his Mugabe “mistake”), is the front-runner in New York’s mayoral race. Recent polls show the Democratic nominee with a whopping 40-point margin over Republican candidate Joe Lhota.

That could change if two things...

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In March 1944, one month after the conclusion of the Yalta Conference, one month and the arrest of Red Army member Alexandr Solzhenitsyn (for writing a joke about Stalin), HMS Arawa (above) carried 1,657 Turkoman Muslims, Soviet citizens, back to the Soviet Union to the Gulag and/or certain death. These men, most of whom had volunteered for the German army to fight Communist rule, were among the millions of Soviet-claimed nationals who would be returned at Stalin's to the Gulag and/or certain death by British and American forces in "Operation Keelhaul."

They and their multiethnic brothers-in-German-arms from the USSR were “a constant reminder,” Nikolai Tolstoy writes, “of the fact that the USSR alone of all the Allies had provided the enemy with thousands of recruits." 

John Batchelor and I discuss the voyage of the Arawa and other vignettes from American Betrayal...

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AP reports that it's still unclear whether Staff Sgt. Timothy Raymond McGill, 30, of Ramsey, N.J. (above), was one of the three US special forces killed on September 21 by an Afghan security forces member -- a Muslim terrorist like those who seized a Kenya shopping mall -- in Gardez, capital of Paktia in eastern Afghanistan.

As of this posting, ISAF has no details -- no mention -- of the three killings on its website.


In an important piece for The Clarion Project, Clare Lopez sums up a "tough week" for the Muslim Brotherhood in America that included a Justice IG report critical of the way FBI field offices have failed to implement a 2008 FBI policy to cease CAIR outreach, and the way the FBI has failed to enforce it.

Clare Lopez reports also on the reaction of Rep. Frank Wolf, who two years ago requested this IG investigation.

The same day as the DoJ report was released, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), the influential Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies (responsible for the FBI’s budget) fired off a sharply-worded letter to FBI Director James Comey, citing both conflicting guidance coming from the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs (with its emphasis on Muslim “outreach”) as well as “outright violations from several field offices.”


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Palm Beach County employee John Jamason (left) found himself in a local media firestorm after posting about Islam and the Koran on Facebook on 9/11/13. WPTV's Evan Axelbank (right) "broke" the story, stoked by CAIR, which, of course, was founded by members of Hamas, which is a "wing" of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This week's syndicated column

On the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 jihad attacks, John Jamason, of Palm Beach, Fla., posted the following comment on his personal Facebook page:

“Never forget. There is no such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Quran is a book that preaches hate.”

Following these comments, a firestorm would consume Jamason for the next week as local media – driven by the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and a waffling county administrator – speculated whether Jamason would lose his job as Palm Beach County public information officer or be “disciplined.” For what? Palm Beach County Administrator Robert Weisman spoke of Jamason’s ignorance and hurtfulness, but in reality, Jamason had crossed the red U.S.-CAIR-Islamic-line that specifically absolves Islam from links to radicalism and/or hatred. For that, Jamason had to be punished, or at least feel the heat for a while.


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Part One is here. 

Part Two is here.

Part Three is here.


Following its Breitbart debut, The Rebuttal will become available for e-book download and book order from Bravura Books. Watch this space for more information.

I would like to thank Messrs. Radosh, Horowitz, Black, et al for their role in inspiring M. Stanton Evans, the great American investigative journalist and author and conservative commentator, to write the following essay.


"In Defense of Diana West"

by M. Stanton Evans

Out of the public eye and far from the daily headlines, a fierce verbal battle is currently being waged about the course of American policy in the long death struggle with Moscow that we call the Cold War. At ground zero of this new dispute is author Diana West, whose recent book, American Betrayal (St....

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This week's syndicated column

Back in 2004, when a FDNY chief reminded the 9/11 Commission that it was never in “anyone’s consciousness” that the twin towers would fall, he underscored a terrible truth. After 9/11, we entered the Age of the Unthinkable. Seared into our collective consciousness is that the twin towers could and did fall. So could the U.S. Capitol, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Superdome. Our children know that which we as children never before imagined – passenger planes may become guided missiles, and skyscrapers may turn into smoking, twisted rubble. This age of Islamic jihad against the West has indeed expanded our consciousness.

Or has it? Did these previously unthinkable acts of violence and mass murder sharpen our thinking, make us vigilant and more protective of our constitutional liberties under attack?

There was a time when I actually thought this was so. Re-reading my first column written after 9/11 today, one dozen 9/11s later, I find that it forecasts...

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WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPTEMBER 12, 2013:  The Center for Security Policy announced today that the 2013 recipient of its Mightier Pen Award will be Diana West, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of The Death of the Grown-up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization, co-author of Shariah: The Threat to America, and most recently author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character. The award will be presented at a luncheon on November 20th at the Union League Club in New York City.

Diana West's weekly newspaper column is syndicated by Universal Uclick, and appears in over 100 publications nationwide, as well as at her website West also serves as Washington correspondent for...

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Part One is here.

Part Two is here.

Part Three is here. 


Following its Breitbart debut, The Rebuttal became available as a book and e-book.

Air Force historian Eduard Mark, now deceased, wrote a paper in 1998 linking the codename "19" in KGB cable 812 from the Venona archive to Harry Hopkins.

Mark's thesis is discussed on two pages of American Betrayal -- a detail in a 403-page book with 944 endnotes. It is a hallmark of the weird war on American Betrayal that reviewer Ronald Radosh inflated several such details out of all recognition and then attacked them in their exaggerated state. Thus, Hopkins/"19" is called the "linchpin" of my book, which is nonsense as dispatched in Part Two of The Rebuttal.

While it is not the linchpin of my book  -- indeed, I could cut out all reference to it and make the same case --  Hopkins/"19" may be seen as the linchpin of the war on American Betrayal.

Having over-inflated the significance of Hopkins/”19” in my book (two pages) to a point of absurdity, Radosh sets out to take down Hopkins/”19” as a standing argument. This included negating the 1998 Mark research paper that gave rise to Hopkins/"19."


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DW: M. Stanton Evans, co-author with Herbert Romerstein of Stalin's Secret Agents and author of Blacklisted by HIstory, is currently working on a larger piece addressing the spate of attacks on American Betrayal.

In the meantime, he has given me permission to publish the following.

"Harry Hopkins, Diana West and Me" 

by M.Stanton Evans

To understand the attached email exchanges between John Earl Haynes and myself some background information is needed.

There are a lot of details here that amount to “inside baseball.”  It is however precisely from the accumulation of such details that the true history of the Cold War will be, or more accurately should be, written.

By far the major issue in this discussion is whether President Roosevelt’s top adviser, Harry Hopkins, was in back channel communication with the Soviet KGB in the 1940s, and if so for what purpose he would...

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My 20,000-plus-word-rebuttal to the Frontpage Magazine "take-down" titled "McCarthy on Steroids," has been published in three parts at Breitbart News.

Part One is here.

Part Two is here.

Part Three is here.

My summary of The Rebuttal is at Gates of Vienna here.

Original essays about this extraordinary campaign written by Vladimir Bukovsky, M. Stanton Evans and others, plus the rebuttal in its entirety, are available as a book and e-book at Amazon here.


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Gates of Vienna today reports on a shocking development in the "war" on American Betrayal.

Clare M. Lopez, the excellent Middle East analyst and my Team B II colleague, has been fired for favorably mentioning my book in an essay.

The full post by Baron Bodissey as it appears at Gates of Vienna is below.

The Totalitarian Impulse

As mentioned here Tuesday night, an article by Clare Lopez was published earlier that day at the Gatestone Institute’s website and then immediately removed. Since Ms. Lopez had referred favorably in her article to Diana West’s book American Betrayal, and since Ms. West recently had anathema pronounced against her for that same book, it seemed that there might be a connection between the two events.

And indeed there was. Our suspicions were correct.

I just received this information from a source close to Clare Lopez:


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This week's syndicated column:

I would like to pause for a moment as the United States weighs going to war to make the world safe for President Obama’s “credibility” to note that the Department of Defense announced the deaths of four American soldiers in separate incidents last week in Afghanistan. The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, Calif., reported:

“Staff Sgt. Joshua Bowden, 28, of Villa Rica, Ga., was on a dismounted patrol Saturday, Aug. 31, in Ghazni, Afghanistan, when his unit was attacked by small arms fire. Bowden was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado and assigned to the 242nd Ordnance Battalion (EOD), 71st Ordnance Group (EOD).

“Sgt. 1st Class Ricardo D. Young, 34, died Wednesday, Aug. 28, from small arms fire in Farah Province, Afghanistan. The Rosston, Ark., native was assigned to the 307th Engineer Battalion (Combat/Airborne), 20th Engineer Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, N.C.

“Staff Sgt. Michael H. Ollis, 24, also died Wednesday, Aug. 28, in Ghazni...

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As The Rebuttal nears publication (soon to be an ebook as well), I simply must highlight the most high-larious ad hominem attack on me of all -- even better than National Review's FDR hagiographer questioning my being "house-trained." (Welcome to my world for the past few weeks....)

From The American Thinker:

Blogger and historian Clare Spark notes that West has little background for her research and the unfortunate overconfidence of many Ivy graduates, "I have looked up Diana West's background. She has a B.A. in English from Yale and a prior book that gave her synoptic view of American culture as stuck in adolescent rebellion. That she has the confidence to make grand pronouncements about American culture and then diplomatic history can be attributed both to her Ivy League education and to the rise of the amateur commentator, thanks to far right conspiracy theorists. They are attached to her as to other 'inside dopesters," and the results are frightening for the future of the republic."


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... the Independent reports:

Libya has almost entirely stopped producing oil as the government loses control of much of the country to militia fighters.

Mutinying security men have taken over oil ports on the Mediterranean and are seeking to sell crude oil on the black market. Ali Zeidan, Libya’s Prime Minister, has threatened to “bomb from the air and the sea” any oil tanker trying to pick up the illicit oil from the oil terminal guards, who are mostly former rebels who overthrew Muammar Gaddafi and have been on strike over low pay and alleged government corruption since July.

As world attention focused on the coup in Egypt and the poison gas attack in Syria over the past two months, Libya has plunged unnoticed into its worst political and economic crisis since the defeat of Gaddafi two years ago. Government authority is disintegrating in all parts of the country putting in doubt claims by American, British and French politicians that Nato’s military action in Libya in 2011 was...

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Yesterday, I noticed something that reminded me of this.

So did Gates of Vienna. Vlad Tepes and Tundra Tabloids noted it, too.

Now, Ruth King at Ruthfully Yours lays it on the line:

I like and admire...

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This morning, the Gatestone Institute published my Team B II colleague Clare Lopez's latest essay, which juxtaposed the findings of American Betrayal with events in the Middle East to marvelous effect.

It is called "Recognizing the Wrong People."

Maybe it did -- because then they took it down.

That is, I have to wonder: Could the piece possibly have disappeared due to Clare's highly favorable treatment of my book?

Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna wonders the same thing.

I don't know the answer.

But it's happened before.

I have asked Nina Rosenwald, president of Gatestone, for more information. Maybe there is some perfectly innocent explanation....

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John Dietrich is the author of The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Policy, a book I found invaluable to my research for American Betrayal. I was delighted to come across Dietrich's 5-star review of American Betrayal at its Amazon page, and excerpted it in the book's Editorial Reviews: "Enlightening. I give American Betrayal five stars only because it is not possible to give it six."

Now, while putting finishing touches on "The Rebuttal," I have come across a letter John Dietrich recently wrote to me and posted at his blog.


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On Thursday evening, I had the privilege to be hosted by Rabbi Jon Hausman to speak at Ahavath Torah outside Boston in Stoughton, MA as part of the Hausman Memorial Speakers Series. This is a great honor because among among the speakers who precede me are such heroes and champions of free speech as Geert Wilders, Lars Hedegaard, Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Mark Steyn and, just a couple weeks ago, Allen West.

I consider myself fortunate, indeed, to have been in Rabbi Hausman's synagogue to launch publicly my defense against the recent calumnious attacks on me and American Betrayal. The full rebuttal will be published soon.

Thank you to Tom Trento and The United West...

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Baron Bodissey writes today at Gates of Vienna:

When Should a Book Not be Written?

“A perversion of logic as much as a loss of courage”

Diana West spoke last night as a guest of Ahavath Torah Congregation in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Her topic was the continuing controversy over her book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.

In the following clip you’ll hear Ms. West point out the manifest falsehoods that have been circulated about American Betrayal. They seem to represent an attempted “takedown” of her book, a deliberate assault intended to destroy her professional standing as a writer.

The author also explains how she fell into the research that eventually resulted in the book. She began by investigating an entirely different topic, the penetration of the United States government by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, and followed the trail of evidence back to Communist penetration in the 1930s and 1940s. The parallels between the...

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This week's syndicated column

Does any American believe that Army 1st Lt. Clint Lorance (above), 28, should remain in a military prison for the next 20 years for “murder” after giving a legitimate order to his soldiers to fire at three Afghan men on motorcycles, killing two in the process?

What circumstances in those few seconds of on-the-ground command decision-making – during Lorance’s second patrol in Afghanistan – could possibly compel the Army to rob Lorance of his freedom until he is 48 years old?

I have been reading up on Lorance’s case, and I find none. I am not a military prosecutor (thank goodness), but I see nothing in accounts of the incident to warrant a sentence of two decades – unless, that is, Lorance’s lawyer, retired Lt. Col. Guy Womack, is correct. Following Lorance’s sentencing at Ft. Bragg, N.C., on Aug. 1, Womack said: “The Army is...

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As I rebut exhaustively the charges against me and American Betrayal contained in Ronald Radosh's self-decribed "take-down," here is M. Stanton Evans' evisceration of the Radosh's very similar "take-down" of Evans' trail-blazing, exceptional book, Blacklisted by HIstory. 

THE BOOK ON McCARTHY Having been around the block a time or two, I guess nothing should surprise me, but I have to admit I was profoundly shocked by Ronald Radosh’s onslaught against my work — and honor — in what professed to be a review of my new book about Senator Joe McCarthy (“The Enemy Within,” Dec. 17). Had this Radosh effusion appeared in The New Republic ...

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A fine defense by R.S. McCain here in response to Conrad Black's attack at NRO:

(My rapid response to Black here.)


National Review has published a column by Conrad Black which calls Diana West’s new book American Betrayal a “farrago of lies,” and I just don’t know what to say, except that (a) Black doesn’t seem to have read West’s book, and (b) is therefore attacking the straw man version of West’s argument, as presented by Ron Radosh.

As are all of the copy-cat attacks.

Stacy McCain's bottom line:

I remain Diana West’s ally in this fight because whatever errors she may have made, from the standpoint of professional historians, she is asking important questions and calling attention to facts that have been too long ignored...

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Yesterday, it was a retired builder. Today, it is a poet.

From Family Security Matters.

by David Solway

The controversy surrounding Diana West's new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on our Nation's Character, that erupted over the last week on the Internet vividly illustrates a point I made, and perhaps belabored, in several recent articles; namely, a radical split is occurring within conservative ranks that threatens its long-term cohesion and presents the liberal/left with a pronounced and supplementary...

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Diana - As a long-time advocate for free speech; long involvement with the International Free Press Society; and as you know, an associate of some of the bravest free speech practitioners in the world, I find the Horowitz/Radosh-led attacks on you to be beneath contempt. For them to pretend to be part of a “freedom” movement (maybe excluding speech?) while acting like school yard bullies, is laughable. I have read your book American Betrayal, cover to cover – and I found myself deeply shaken, somewhat analogous to the day I finished Atlas Shrugged as a young man, the overall feeling one of serious letdown in my history teachers and ‘why have I never heard this before’?  Your sources are there for all to see and your chain of events and conclusions follow them scrupulously. Does that mean that every claim you make and question you raise are necessarily accurate descriptions of the causes of the great historical events? Yet, is this question even important in the raging attacks? I submit that the facts...

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Before I link (below) to a new and spirited defense of me and American Betrayal, an update:

The continuing Rado-Horo super-charged attack machine against a book -- mine -- finds an ally in Andrew Sullivan, and now Mother Jones.

Sullivan, quoted by Mother Jones, is "dismayed how isolated the push-back against the book -- Horowitz and Radosh -- seemed to be on the right," although he did take cheer ("some good news today") in NRO's Conrad Black "review" -- i.e., the latest attack by someone who hasn't read the book.

Over at Tundra Tabloids, Kenneth Sikorski picks...

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Over at Gates of Vienna -- valiant defenders and friends -- a Swede's comment on the war on American Betrayal  made me jump:

I am Swedish, and I have no intention of reading “American Betrayal”. But I didn’t have to read very much of the review of Mr Radosh to conclude that Ms West’s book is a very important and competent work. And it’s obvious that a book with that magnitude is not written by itself.

“How on earth can the man do that?”, is a very relevant question....

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Chairman Mao, murderer of 30, 40 million people at least, hangs in the homes of elites and celebrities, while Sen. Joseph McCarthy, whose investigations into the "Amerasia affair" helped reveal the complex influence operation, as M. Stanton Evans writes, that “assiduously worked to guide official and public thinking, and hence the course of U.S. policy” regarding the Far East and the loss of China to Mao's Communists, hangs in the hell of the American imagination.

Something is deeply wrong with this picture.

Call it American Betrayal.

As I can, I will be posting or linking to the many radio interviews I have been doing this week to discuss American Betrayal -- and the war on American Betrayal.

Here are a few of my most recent interviews:

On the Dan Cofall in Dallas-Fort Worth...

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The late Herbert Romerstein (1931-2013) was one of the foremost experts on the Cold War and Soviet penetration in the USA. In this video, he discusses his 2000 book The Venona Secrets, which he wrote with Eric Breindel. In 2012, he and M. Stanton Evans published Stalin's Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt's Government.


Answer: He warned "the ambassador." John Haynes sent me a new page reference from The Sword and the Shield and the Shield -- p. 122, not p. 111 as indicated  -- so I would expect to see the footnote corrected in the Haynes and Klehr article soon.


John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr have posted a new article titled, "Was Harry Hopkins a Soviet Spy?"

There will be more to say about the Hopkins debate in the future, but I would like to call attention to one passage in the Haynes and Klehr article.

Referring to the Mitrokhin archive of KGB documents, they write:

The only new material Mitrokhin provided on Hopkins was a 1943 report that Hopkins had notified the Soviet ambassador in Washington that the FBI had observed a Soviet diplomat meeting covertly with Steve Nelson, who supervised San Francisco area operations of the Communist Party of the United States. 


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Lucky me -- another "collegial" email from Mr. Charm.

Feel the love.


On opening, the National D-day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia—a town that lost more Americans per capita on D-day than any other—unveiled busts of FDR, Truman, Churchill, Chiang Kai-shek, and Stalin. Stalin’s inclusion sparked anger, editorials, a petition, and, finally, board action to remove all of the leaders from public display. -stalin-other-allied-fi-ar-530016/.

Suvorov, Chief Culprit, xi.

Bohlen, Witness to History, 126.

Suvorov, Chief Culprit, xi.

Suvorov, Chief Culprit, xiii.

Dies, Martin Dies’ Story, 11.

Gen. Mark W. Clark, Calculated Risk (New York: Enigma Books, 2007), 389.

Wedemeyer, Wedemeyer Reports! 405–32.

William C. Bullitt, “How We Won the War and Lost the Peace,” Life, August 30, 1948.


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Now it's Conrad Black at the NationalReviewOnline/New York Sun who seeks to stop all rational thought about the ideas contained in my book, American Betrayal, this time sinking into potty talk.

New depths.

To attempt to save Roosevelt from new scrutiny as head of a White House effectively maneuvered by confirmed, agents of Soviet influence, Black resorts to calling me: 

a right-wing loopy who has occasionally aroused cautious hopefulness that she has been house-trained ... . The West farrago of lies has been thoroughly debunked, especially by Ron Radosh in his FrontPageMag piece titled “McCarthy on Steroids.”

My rebuttal to Radosh is forthcoming.

Black writes:

Rather than dwelling on the falsehoods of the...

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The bizarro war on American Betrayal doesn't stop. The latest from David Horowitz is that I "should not have written this book."

Who says that?

I will have a lengthy rebuttal to publish in the next few days.

Couldn't let this comment keep sliding, though. One of the mainstays of this surreal assault on my credibility is that I argue without evidence. Or, as David Horowitz says, I make "large claims unsupported by the evidence."

No, I make large claims supported by evidence -- lots of evidence. Here is one chapter's worth of my 900-plus endonotes.


On opening, the National D-day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia—a town that lost more Americans per capita on D-day than any other—unveiled busts of FDR, Truman, Churchill, Chiang Kai-shek, and Stalin. Stalin’s inclusion sparked anger, editorials, a petition, and, finally, board action to remove all of the leaders from public display.

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This week's syndicated column

What did I do on my summer vacation?

I stayed home. The family went to the country this week but not me. I stayed behind to deal with a white-hot controversy.

About what?


Thus, I am now engaged in the painstaking job of rebutting an explosion of falsehoods and distortions about me and my new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character. These attacks began appearing on the Internet last week at several neoconservative websites: first and mainly Frontpage Magazine (FPM), Pajamas Media and American Thinker.

Close to 10 pieces have appeared (more promised), all of them emanations of a 7,900-word book review at FPM that reviewer Ronald Radosh described as a “take-down” in one of his own three follow-up pieces. Two writers who followed suit admitted in print that they hadn’t read the book.

It is important...

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What is particularly pleasing to me about the following comment from my friend and colleague Lars Hedegaard, free speech champion, historian and editor of Dispatch International, is that he originally wrote it to a third party. He kindly agreed to publish it. 

Bonus: Lars has read all of American Betrayal, cover to cover -- as opposed to some people.

Lars wrote:

What Diana West has done is to dynamite her way through several miles of bedrock. On the other side of the tunnel there is a vista of a new past. Of course folks are baffled. Few people have the capacity to take this in. Her book is among the most well documented I have ever read. It is written in an unusual style viewed from the perspective of the historian—but it probably couldn’t have been done any other way.


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CLARIFICATION: Below is the rebuttal I provided to American Thinker to defend myself against unsubstantiated allegations against my scholarship on the AT website. Rather than publish the response I submitted in my own defense, editor Thomas Lifson issued editiorial instructions. I told him in response that this is the defense I wish to publish and he has refused.

NOTE: I wrote and submitted the following rebuttal on Saturday evening to American Thinker in response to a review that, while positive in its treatment of my central arguments, parroted many charges against my scholarship based on Ronald Radosh's assertions in his self-described "take-down" of my book at Frontpage Magazine. I am currently and painstakingly rebutting these charges -- and the many insupportable claims against my book in the FPM "review" -- in no small part because they are extremely injurious to my reputation,...

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Over at Ruthfully Yours, lucky-keystroke archive of the positive first review of American Betrayal that Frontpage Magazine removed from its website in July, Ruth King enters the fray to try to explain what many have found inexplicable: Why anti-Communists who once inhabited the Marxist Left would engage in what Radosh, crowingly, called a "take-down" of my book.

From the...

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One of the many,  insupportable   claims Ronald Radosh is making about me and my book in this self-described, continuing "take-down," is that I "attack" historians whose work I cite.

There are no attacks on these historians in my book whatsoever, and I can also prove it (see below). There are  times when I arrive at  different conclusions in my analysis of the evidence, but in my book disagreement does not entail "attack."

I urge people to read American Betrayal  so they can make up their own minds.

Worth recalling...

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As demonstrated chapter, verse and footnote below, the self-described Radosh "take-down" of American Betrayal by Frontpage Magazine is based in large part (one section of five, so 20 percent so far) on a critique of things that are not in my book.

Now let's turn to another aspect of Radosh's credibility. In his "take-down," he writes:

(When I sent her a collegial email questioning this assertion, and requesting that we get together to talk about it, she became huffy. “Dialoguing is one thing,” she emailed back; “issuing directives is another.”)

Really? Is that what happened? On receiving a "collegial" email, I became "huffy"?

Let's check. After all, there's...

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I have submitted this to American Thinker and expect it to be posted. Here is a sneak preview:

In Bernie Reeves’ review of my book, American Betrayal, at American Thinker, he discusses another review, one by Ronald Radosh that appeared at Frontpage Magazine. I will be writing a rebuttal to the Radosh review. In the meantime, however, I would like to address the issue of scholarship that both reviews raise. The subject is bandied about in these two reviews. Indeed, scholarship is perhaps the main complaint they both raise about the book: i.e., that I have none. Radosh writes, for example, that I do “not know how to evaluate the reliability of a source or assess the evidence produced.” Also, that I disregard “the findings of the sources she does rely on when they contradict her yellow journalism conspiracy theories.” Since American Betrayal contains 900-plus endnotes, that’s a lot of sources that I allegedly do not know how to evaluate and also disregard. Is it true? Is Ronald Radosh...

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Some of the latest media about American Betrayal.

Review: "The Hard Truth about the Cold War," Jeff Minick, Smoky Mountain News here

Review: "Reds Under the Beds" by Bernie Reeves at American Thinker here.

"Conservative Historian Has Interesting Ideas" New York magazine here.

American Power Blog: "David Horowitz and Ron Radosh Attack Diana West and  American Betrayal here.

Stacy McCain: "Diana West Dissed by David Horowitz?" here

Review: "Facts and Implications" by JE Dyer at The Optimistic Conservative here.

Review: "The 80-Year Sellout of America" by Wes Vernon at Renew America here.

Discussing American Betrayal with Accuracy in Academia here.


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