Sunday, December 10, 2023


Join me at my Patreon channel for an informal chat and continuing discussion about giving the ol' red thread a tug. What I mean by that is -- in the spirit of my 2019 book on the ideological drivers of the anti-Trump conspiracy The Red Thread -- pulling together all of the criminals and thugs at the top of our government and related institutions who rose on or with communist connections or even cycled through communism -- or even Moscow/Beijing -- in their formative years. It's time to take stock. Or, better, face facts. 


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That's a one-thousand-word-picture, all right, but somehow I can't sputter out a single one.

Another DC jury handed down another J6 conviction today, this one to documentary-maker, Stephen Horn, who, as Revolver News put it,"has now been branded a `rioter' by the very system he was exposing."  

As a part of that very system, CBS's Scott MacFarlane isn't one to try to disguise his satisfaction. Then again, so deeply embedded in the Swamp is MacFarlane that perhaps he is unable to operate, report, or even think outside of his obvious identification with the Swamp. 

That's how it struck me on watching his two-minute wrap-up of the Horne verdict -- which stands as an astonishing example of I know not quite what. Certainly, it is the Soliloquy of the Regime Mouthpiece; a media man so smug, so predictable, and, above all, so oblivious to his own mental limitations...

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It's not only that a reporter wrote this; an editor read it; a media company published it. They are all guilty of collaboration with a vicious regime that conducts show trials on a par with North Korea, the USSR, Communist China. They are also incredibly stupid or brainwashed (or both).


This is a British newspaper, given to headline garish celebrity smash-ups and other disasters.

I can't find a single US newspaper, from NY to Washington to Texas, that saw fit to inform its readers of this latest development in the Biden-led invasion of our country by armies of aliens.    


Michael Yon is back in Panama at the Darien Gap, covering the invasion of the United States of America by the thousands of illegal, and many young male aliens, which the US government -- or what passes for it after the coup of 2020 -- processes and buses north to Yourtown, USA.

Updates here on Yon's Twitter account. 

Honestly, it's hard to know where to look, with impending doom at all the angles.


Certainly, I was an easy mark -- meaning I trusted the US government to tell the truth about what happened on 9/11. No more. As you will see, Bill Cooper (video above), whom I first heard of today for the first time, was way ahead of the curve in June of 2001, seeing what we all should have seen in the government-media manipulation of the Osama bin Laden story even before September 11, 2001. (More on Cooper here.) The tell for Cooper? That a CNN reporter could "find" Osama bin Laden in his lair when the CIA, NSA and FBI could not -- as we were told. The master terrorist was on ice, it turns out, for a project we mark today in a miasma of propaganda, confusion and darkness. 

Cooper's take on bin Laden, circa 2001, reminded me of Alan Parrot's story in 2020. Circa 2010,...

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Aerial view of the site after the collapse, with locations of the collapsed buildings outlined


I wrote the following essay, "We Thought We Were Fighting Sharia, for the new book by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Truth Was My Crime: A Life Fighting for Freedom.

“There are two histories: The official history, mendacious, which is given to us; and the secret history, where you find the real causes of events, a shameful history.”

-- Honoré de Balzac

When we think back on the landmark free speech cases of the post-9/11-era, the phrase, “clash of civilizations” still comes to mind. This, of course, was the earliest, buzzy shorthand, strenuously disputed by the shush-minded, for the showdown between Islam...

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WANTED: An appellate court to overturn the J6 convictions on the grounds of judicial bias, as it did with the convictions of the Chicago 7


Now at Conservative HQ:

Half a century ago, a federal appeals court overturned the convictions related to incitement of rioting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Here's how the Associated Press reported the 1972 decision. 

CHICAGO -- Declaring that the trial judge took an "often antagonistic view of the defense," a federal appeals court has overturned the conviction of five antiwar activists in the case of the Chicago 7. 

Stop right there. Is there any J6 trial judge who doesn't take "often antagonistic view of the defense"? Look at them -- Chutkan, Mehta, Howell, for...

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Judge Kelly has sentenced Joe Biggs SEVENTEEN YEARS

Judge Mehta has sentenced Connie Meggs to FIFTEEN MONTHS and lied from the bench while doing so.

There is an update on the number of Lahaina schoolchildren the Hawaii's Department of Education says have not re-enrolled in public education programs: As of yesterday, twenty-two days after the catastrophic fires that incinerated the historic city of Lahaina, that number had decreased by 268, from 2,025 to 1,757.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports:

As of Wednesday, 1,757 West Maui students — or 60% of the total enrollment — have not transferred to public schools elsewhere or may have enrolled in private schools, moved out of state or are unaccounted for, according to DOE. A total...

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Above is a snap of Keith T. Hayashi, Superintendent of the Hawaii Department of Education, presenting a report on "Maui Wildfire Impacts" on August 24. The "impacts," of course, have been ghastly -- surreal . For starters, none of Lahaina's four public schools in West Maui are operational since the fires of August 8. However, it is in this same DOE report that we can see, in the dispassionate navy blue and white of a simple graphic (below), that over two thousand -- 2,025 -- previously enrolled Lahaina schoolchildren are missing from the public school system. That's a little over two-thirds of the 3,001 children heretofore served by Lahaina schools who "have not re-enrolled in another public school or opted for distance learning."


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This week, I had the great pleasure of going on the Dr. Peter & Ginger Breggin Show on the America Out Loud network for an hour-long-interview to discuss "What Do J6 and the Maui Fire Have in Common?"

The short answer is corrupt & derelict government and media. The long answer is ... the interview. Enjoy.

Also this week, I had the great and recurring pleasure of going on The Audrey Russo Show here. Every month, we contend with ever-increasing problems but somehow we always have a good time. Listen here.  



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Celia Farber has posted several new videos out of Maui, this morning, along with a series of important questions that go to the root of the trouble with the narratives still burning out of control around the Lahaina fires. Missing children. Missing information about missing children. Missing questions, missing families, missing -- everything, especially verifiable evidence that supports a logical story. But much stonewalling, much fakery.

Meanwhile, this video by @GeoffCygnus  establishes that a federal/state/"special" No-Go-Zone is rising over ground zero in the city of Lahaina. There is no media access, no picture-taking, no drones allowed to fly overhead anymore, no stopping along the fence ...  


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We already know that Gov Green and Maui officials have made Lahaina off limits to the press.    

This FEMA letter (via Anthony Canassa) tells us that Maui County officials have also asked FEMA for  "pause" on posting "new imagery of damage/disaster/debris" from the fire -- no, actually, a "full stop on disaster imagery going forward."

Why? "Out of respect for those who perished." What a diamond-hard new rationale for state-controlled censorship. Out of respect for those who perished there will be a state-controlled cover-up of events leading to this horrific and also preventable carnage. Out of concern for those responsible is more like it.


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On the day after the legal team of the President of United States was arrested in Georgia for the "crime" of representing their client, Donald Trump, who will himself be arrested today, the coverage of this unprecedented outrage against each of these worthies and us all appeared on the front pages of America's so-called newspapers of record as a blank or a yawn.

While Rudy Giuliani's "defiant" booking made the lower righthand corner of the Post front page -- the Bezos bulletin is located in Washington, after all -- the arrests rate no more than one of a dozen items in the NYT, in the center column of a headline round-up at the bottom of the page.

This is not reporting, but silencing. The idea that the arrest of the legal team of the President...

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With Lahaina in ashes:

Actual reporter: At what point is the media going to be allowed to start reporting what's really going on?

Aide bot (Picture 1): The question is around access as it relates to media

Picture 2: Lahaina mayor bot whispers into gov bot's ear

Gov bot: ... We had a media gaggle with us on Saturday. To suggest we're not providing access is [shrugs] just simply inaccurate.

Actual reporter: Well, we're being turned away.

Gov bot (Picture 3): I'm glad you're being turned away. [break in audio] Feeding your desire to tell a story -- you, in particular -- at this moment is not my goal. My goal is to make sure people are protected, my people are protected. 

UPDATE 8.24:

The link above to this exchange between...

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The junta's relentless persecution has made President Trump the emodiment of the America of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Sprayed clouds, New England summer, late afternoon. I must note the blue of the sky in my pictures (taken one hour apart) is wrong. It was that dirty haze, a milky blue with a damp gauze across it, that has mainly replaced the living, cobalt blue of fine weather -- fine weather itself having been all but lost this summer. Knock wood: no fires, no hurricanes, no flooding (still digging out elsewhere in the region), but I would say the climate engineers haven't forgotten us. It's been so hazy, cloudy or rainy, though, you often can't see their handiwork so well.

Via Dr. Peter & Ginger Breggin



Evening in New England, August 14, 2023 

It's not weather warfare by fire or hurricane or flood or tornado -- but it's not natural, either.

As I try to make sense of the fragments of Internet evidence that litter the days leading up to her family deciding to post an official missing person alert on Karen Kingston on August 17 in Quintana Roo, Mexico, I want to reel in a couple of what I will see as distortions which threaten to take this extremely concerning story of Kingston's flight and, now, disappearance, to a strange place.

The first concerns the essence of the Kingston story as it was set in early headlines, coverage and commentary around a shocking video Kingston uploaded to her Gettr account on August 6 in which she announces she fled the country in fear of her life....

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This missing persons alert for the biotech analyst and Big Pharma whistleblower Karen Kingston was posted on August 17 on the Facebook page of the Comisión de Búsqueda Quintana Roo -- the Search Commission  -- in Mexico. 

I learned of this on Maria Zee's Telegram account, which linked to the substack of Dr Margaret Aranda, whom I am not familiar with. She writes: "A statement from the family will follow shortly on Ron Kuchler’s Substack, Kuch Says. As I post this at 8:15 am on August 18, no statement has appeared.

The missing persons alert says that Kingston was last seen in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, on August 9. 


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With thanks to Snuggles on Gab.

A clip from KHON2 is making the rounds, on the edges, anyway, featuring a question posed today to Hawaii Gov Josh Green "...about preserving Lahaina, moving forward."

Hawaii Gov Josh Green replies:

I am already thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land --

What??! Burnt out or not, land in Lahaina belongs to individuals, Hawaiians -- and as we have been hearing, from Time Immemorial as Lahaina is Hawaii's ancient capital.

Let me begin transcribing again. Blah blah moving forward?

Hawaii Gov Josh Green:

I am already thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land so we can put it into workforce housing to put it back into familes or to make it open spaces in perpetuity as a memorial...

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Robert Malone is exercising his God-given, First Amendment protected speech again, bless his heart, with another Substack article, this one titled "Hate Ecosystem and Fifth Gen Warfare (Part IV)." 

Wow. I'm really sorry I missed Parts I, II & III.  Anyway, according to the subhead, this essay is meant to be "A case study of interactions between online hate and a fifth generation warfare campaign." As an aside to new readers, that's just Malone's playful way of generally describing journalism and commentary that he's, you know, a tad bit less-than-enthused about -- as it pertains, I should add, to his own public self. We certainly don't have to worry about this man’s Jeffersonian commitment to freedom of speech; it's only rarely -- hardly ever, even -- that he sues people...

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The following post originally appeared at "Exposing the Global Predators," the Substack of Dr. Peter & Ginger Breggin. (Links and exhibits in the original.

'Big Pharma Dissident Karen Kingston Claims She is Forced to Flee Country To Save Life'

“Usually, we don’t get to see the haunted look in their eyes.” Diana West


AUG 14, 2023

Karen Kingston appeared on our former TV show, ReFounding America, on in March1 and then April2 of 2023. We liked and admired her, and I recall that she was a powerful reformer but not yet feeling the confidence that I encouraged her to have. She was coming up with new...

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Speaking to News Nation, Josh Martin, a chef and business owner on Maui, explains in harrowing detail what it was like to survive the Lahaina fire after he and his wife and five dogs they were looking after were blocked from evacuating by car by police roadblocks (said to be due to downed power lines) and had to enter the water. 

The conditions he describes in the surf off of Lahaina are so extreme they call out for expert analysis I cannot provide. Here, for the record, though, is his partly transcribed experience.

The fire was going into the ocean. The best way to explain it is a continuous bomb going off. ... There were boats on fire 50 yards out. So even in the ocean at points, we were still getting burned. The video you're showing right now [of people in rough water] ... doesn't have the flames actually coming into the water.


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I am linking to the TikTok page of Maui-resident Raylene Short, who brings us information on the war zone that is Lahaina -- and maybe literally as the US government locks down what is/what it left of the city like a hostile occupying force. The news media, of course, are AWOL, while Maui-overlord Oprah appears to me to have engaged in a stunt designed to make us all believe the survivors of Lahaina don't want the world to know what is happening to them. As if. 

This recent video of Short's is going viral --...

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This is a screenshot from what is purported to be, and does indeed seem to be, a video of the incineration of Lahaina on Maui. Notice anything strange about it? That perfect ring of fire?

You can watch the video and other "Things That Make you Go Hmm About the Maui Fires," including boats in flames as they float in the water, here. 

Could we possibly be looking at a freak of nature? Doesn't seem too likely. To be sure, we are continually hammered with the manmade "global warming" narrative to explain all, from the drought on Maui to the winds that whipped the fire. But ask yourself: Could "global warming" make a fire burn in a perfect geometric shape? What other factors might be involved here and in many other weather cataclysms underway...

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Independent journalist Steve Baker, aka The Pragmatic Constitutionalist (@TPC4USA), says he is about to break a J6 story that is so big that researchers privy to the details think it will be the biggest blockbuster about J6 since January 6. That's not just big, that's colossal! The Blaze, which recently hired Baker, will get the honors of publishing this scoop; further, The Blaze has promised to stand by Baker now that he has been been hit by a DOJ subpoena which calls him to Washington, DC, on Wednesday to present his video footage of January 6 to a Grand Jury.

Yes, you read that right. The DOJ is once again trampling the First Amendment to silence Us, the People -- in this case, Steve Baker, one of precious few American souls bold enough, post-coup, to say and write and...

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UPDATE: August 12. Jane Ruby posted the following statement and said it came from Karen Kingston's brother. 


I am tempted to note that a man who tells you to visit the CDC website for guidance and to delete personal speculation is perhaps rather uncomfortable with the significant research Karen Kingston has been able to present to us, the CDC-battered and censorship-harmed public. However, I heartily endorse his concern for Karen's health and safety. Her choice of a doctor, however, is one that is fraught with peril. This is all very disturbing.  


The sun is shining, the grass is mown and I am watching the brilliant pharma expert Karen Kingston say she has been "poisoned mulitple times," has fled the country, and is "a dead...

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I wish I could add sources for these exact numbers, but, surprise, surprise, they are not easily found on the censored 'net. Nevertheless, I well remember that Trump was ahead in these states, and had already eked out the official win in North Carolina early in the night (which surely tripped the alarm with the Junta in Waiting) before the lights went out.

In fact, all you need to know to understand that the presidential election of 2020 was stolen is that the lights went out. That is, with Trump ahead in these Democrat-controlled power centers, the politically sacred act of vote-counting was halted in the battleground states (and don't forget Fox News prematurely calling Arizona for the Usurper). This sweeping, treasonous act of dictatorial power, still completely unexplained and, worse, unquestioned, brought down the heavy fist of vote-rigging onto our election process...

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Is that a snapshot of Professor Dame Jenny Harries, chief executive of UK Health and Security Agency, or Michael Palin? I don't know, but the following report from The Herald (Scotland) sounds better in Michael Palin's voice.

The UK government has revealed a new “state-of-the-art” vaccine centre where more than 200 scientists will work to prevent the risk of a new pandemic caused by unknown “disease X.”

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, chief executive of UKHSA, said: “What we’re trying to do now is capture that really excellent work from Covid and make sure we’re using that as we go forward for any new pandemic threats.”

It is thought the research facility will help the nation tackle “disease X” by improving the...

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This is an excellent expostion of how digital tyranny will work -- and is already working. What we must do -- all we can do -- is reject it to the limit.

By John Goddard (@nonestlex) on Twitter via Raimo Jormelainen (@raimonj) on Gab:


I just got fired for wrongthink.

Then I find out that my bank account’s been frozen, too.

I try to get an Uber back home but no cars will pick me up.

How did Uber find out I committed wrongthink?

I check my phone and apparently I’ve been banned from Instagram for the same reason.

Then a social worker knocks on my door and takes my son from me.

They tell me I’ve endangered my son by exposing him to wrongthink.

The State will now house and re-educate him, ensuring that he is only exposed to Government-Approved facts.

I feel my heart rate increase.

I try to turn some lights on, but it looks like my power has been disconnected.


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I am happy to say I was actually encouraged by the smarts and attitide of President Trump's new attorney John Lauro because the walls do have that look of closing in. (Brett Baier, of course, is a Deep State shill.)

Some shouts from around the Internet.


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You know you live in a s------- country when the sworn testimony of Hunter Biden's business partner confirms what we already know about the so-called president's essential role in promoting the intrinsically corrupt Biden "brand" -- namely, the selling of the vice-presidency to a veritable United Nations of oligarchical interests -- and 

1) Democrats say he was talking about the weather on the 20 business phone calls he joined for Hunter.

2) The Washington Post doesn't even bother reporting on the Devon Arche testimony; the New York Times stows it on page A15, while Breitbart took its main story off the homepage despite 10,000-plus comments.  

3) The wheels of justice not only don't turn, they have been stripped.

For your personal edification, you can read the latest dump of evidence on the Biden Crime Family at Just the News,...

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When I was a syndicated columnist, various editors urged me to write a few seasonal "evergreens" that might be published when I wanted to take a break. I never pulled it off -- there was always  something brand new to write about. I realize now that the following 2015 essay about Hiroshima really fits the bill. 

The version below was originally updated for 2016. I am running it again today, old chestnut-style, in the wake of the release of "Oppenheimer" (about which I will soon have more to say); and also in reply to a piece of fake-narrative-enforcement published today by the Time magazine mockingbirds, who have trotted out Evan Thomas (or vice versa) to deny the FACT that Japan tried repeatedly to surrender to the United States long before the A-bomb was dropped, tested, or even fully developed.


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In just five minutes, Emma-Jo Morris of Breitbart News lays waste to the dictatorship of the intelligence agencies, code- named the United States of the America.

Of course (I say "of course," but it is not obvious), laser-focusing now on Biden family corruption, which is also Biden family treason, and the supression of the evidence before the 2020 election has an odd and pernicious effect: It creates an illusion that Joe Biden was actually elected. "If only the laptop story had gotten out to the American people, Biden would never have been elected" is this pernicious subtext. However, laptop-evidence or no laptop-evidence, Trump was elected, and the greater crime -- the theft of the presidential election from the American people -- is not being investigated by the Weaponization Committee. Nor are the DOJ  crimes against the Americans, now political prisoners, who protested that theft at the Capitol on January 6. 

Impeachment, the most obvioius remedy for Biden (for Wray, for Garland,...

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The Vermont Daily Chronicle has published a thoughtful op-ed on the catastrophic Vermont rains by 2022 state senate candidate Paul Bean, who raises excellent questions and offers tragically plausible answers.

It's titled: How did this storm happen? Don't rule out weather modification.

Some excerpts:

Here in Vermont we are experiencing historic catastrophic flooding, even worse than Tropical Storm Irene. The question MUST be asked: how did this happen?

We all know the rain has been unusually frequent this summer causing the ground to be completely saturated before this even began. But how, in less than 24 hours did the state of Vermont get an entire summer’s worth of Rain? How could we have a random, out-of-the-blue unnamed Storm that is worse than Irene? Some are saying “it’s climate change.” Perhaps it is…


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About those Blackhawks "training" in Post Mills, Vermont?

Matt Bracken writes in:

One other aspect of this type of "helicopter training mission" is that it often involves the cooption of the local police and city/county officials.

The local police chief and mayor go on lots of "Hooyah!" joy-rides over their town and county. Any local/regional SWAT teams get "cross-trained" by Delta, SEALs, etc. Lots of federal largesse is spread around. Money for the town to buy its own helicopter is offered, new SWAT gear, surplus armored vehicles, etc etc.

The Police Chief or his more willing henchmen are often offered various courses at FLE training facilities such as Quantico VA or Brunswick GA. These are major career enhancements. Some will even...

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Woke up to another white-out morning in Vermont (no sun, white bank of fog) in this gruesome summer of 2023 and found the following item in the local listserv:

2. Airport Activity

From: Post Mills Airport 

The US Army will be conducting brief training exercises at Post Mills Airport on Tuesday July 18 and Thursday July 20.  They will be flying in and briefly landing 4 Blackhawk helicopters at the far end of the runway. This will occur around 11 AM on Tuesday and 11 PM on Thursday.  Please do not be alarmed by the noise or the armed men (their weapons are NOT loaded) you might see at the doors of the aircraft.  For the night landing they will be using night vision, so PLEASE no lights!

Any questions email ... 



Thanks? Do not be alarmed? The United States military has vast bases throughout the country and around the world...

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Update from The Chilling Effect:

Not only are there phantom defamation charges in Malone v. Breggin et al ("et al" being Ginger Breggin and Dr. Jane Ruby), now there is a phantom reconcilation meeting.

In a very weird turn of events, Dr. Paul Alexander, heretofore erupting all over Substack as a fearsome critic of Malone and his "chilling effect" lawsuit, recently posted a statement on his Substack under the following header:

Malone, Breggin, McCullough update meeting: we held a high level sensitive meeting last night with players (doctors & scientists) from Malone's camp & TWC's camp


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Before I came across the story I am posting below, I wrote the following: 

Here's what I think is going on in Vermont and other areas of rural areas of New England. I think we are victims of a weather engineering program targeting the small farm and other remnants of self-sufficient American life as they exist here to this day. Don't think that's possible? Take a look at  Operation Popeye, the US military rain-making program deployed to intensify and extend the monsoon season during the Vietnan War. Remember, too. that dictatorships always make war on agriculture, usually killing millions of people, as a means to control independent citizens, as in Stalin's Ukraine, in Mao's China, also in FDR's New Deal. I think it is perfectly possible (or even likely) that the illegitimate regime in Washington, which hates Americans, is already deploying weather warfare, the perfect crime,...

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Just watch this clip. Here's another one or two. Then call your US representative. Tell him, you know he's only there as a prop, that's fine. Tell him, you know he's a secret member of a uniparty, that the...

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I hope you had a chance to watch my interview with Elsa Scheider during her Truth Summit. The interviews are behind a paywall now, but, hey, if you pop for the series, you get 21 fascinating interviews for the price and when you think about the untold hours of work on everyone's part it's probably a bargain. But still. Anyway, it was a great series of interviews -- and here, for free, is where many of us rejoined as a panel to take stock

As a coda, I thought I'd post this comment on my interview with Elsa. It's now ten years after the publication of American Betrayal, and I appreciate the commenter's frankness, which shows how disinformation work and tells me why it was that Frontpage turned down Bukovsky's essay about American Betrayal. Thanks again to Elsa for her committment to the truth...

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Here's one from the pre-9/11 vaults, one of my first columns about foreign affairs. 

It was May 4, 2001, and extremely alarming prohibitions on political debate in the UK had caught my eye. This was just the beginning, of course. And note that the shocking  prohibition on debating asylum issues -- and even more shocking penalties for breaking it -- would only be strengthened by the post-9/11 vogue for sharia law.

Twenty-two years ago I wrote:

There is something very squeamish-making in the news coming out of England these days—not about foot and mouth disease and little lost lambs, but about foot in mouth disease and little lost Tories.

The offending subject is multi-culturalism, but not as the term is most commonly used to describe the inclusion of non-Western works for study as a method of redressing assorted social injustices. In this British political...

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On July 6, 2023, it will be two years and seven months since the overthrow of the newly re-elected President Trump was rubber-stamped by a traitor US Congress, and patriotic dissent became a felony. On this Independence Day, we are ruled by traitors and cokeheads (now in the White House), installed by unknown but much-speculated-upon forces. I am guessing these forces are connected to the Chinese and Ukranian and Russian and other names on the millions of dollars of checks made out to Biden family entities. 

Where I am, under geoengineered skies, it is too wet and rainy to fly the flag, and it's not looking good for fireworks tonight. That seems about right to me. I don't know about you, but it doesn't feel to me like a time...

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