Tuesday, January 19, 2021

1. "Why are you letting this happen? Why haven't you called for back-up?" here

2. "So I had the FBI waiting for me when I got home" here. 

The reason things seem to be happening so fast is because our Cultural Revolution was so far advanced when they pulled the cord on January 6.

The latest the Party line seems to be to drive the focus away from Big Tech/Media censorship of the political opposition, including the President of the United States, to high-octane fury against the BIg Tech/Media censors for their incompetence in not censoring sooner and more widely, thus saving lives, democracy, etc. (Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez may have  first out of the box on this.)

1) On Morning Josef Stalin, Mikhail Brzezinski raged against Big Tech for not banning President Trump sooner. The transcript does not do it justice; suffice to say, it was a display worthy of...

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All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. 

-- attributed to George Orwell


By rights, by laws, by elections, by facts, by courts, by states, by both houses of Congress, we should on this Sunday before Inauguration Day be practically tired of winning. We should be almost past the initial waves of giddiness and relief that should have carried us through the shank of 2020 as we congratulated ourselves and our neighbors on the glorious fact that on November 3, American voted themselves "Trump country," re-electing the president in a historic landslide.

This was not just a landslide for Donald Trump and the American people; it was an even greater landslide against the criminal gangs leading the Deep State from the depths of the Swamp; the same anti-democratic forces that waged...

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Julius and Ethel Pence strikes again as the Bezos/CIA Post burbles in the background

Updated: 1:07pm 1/16/21

Upcoming guest host of Jeopardy Katie Couric discusses how to "deprogram" Trump supporters:

"The question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”

More "deprogramming" talk here. 


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Watch live at RSBN here

Watch independent journalist Masako Ganaha break down the climactic video of the Capitol operation, moments before and after Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman, Trump supporter, Air Force war veteran, is shot while attempting to climb through a broken-out window. Babbitt later died of her wound. 

Watch and share it quickly, because I expect it to be "taken down" by Youtube any minute.

Here is a more macro analysis of Antifa tactics on display at the Capitol by Michael Yon.

UPDATE: 9:13am

In other appalling news:


1. Banks are now severing ties with Donald Trump "in the wake of his supporters' assault on the U.S. Capitol." 

See how this historic psyop is more than just a pivot away from #TheBigSteal (now a verboten hashtag, along with #1984,...

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An extremely nice shout-out via Twitter as the good ship free speech goes down and patriots are outlawed in the America they resoundingly delivered to President Trump in the stolen election of 2020.

It comes from Richard Poe, a co-author of David Horowitz, and thus especially notable because Horowitz made a decision in 2013 to sacrifice his reputation in an attempt to destroy mine, and, more important, my book, American Betrayal.

As the late M. Stanton Evans explained:

Especially galling to West's critics is her contention that Washington in the war years was so riddled with Communists and Soviet agents as to be in effect an "occupied" city  -- an image that seems to have sparked the greatest anger and most denunciation of her thesis.

Denunication of this thesis by self-professed former communists, that is.

By using the "occupied"...

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I am awaiting SecState's Mike Pompeo's remarks at VOA even as the following appeared on the State Department website.

UPDATE: 3:12 pm. Was that a website hack (above)? Pompeo, so far, is giving an boilerplate talk about "when Americans are united around our founding principles..." etc.

UPDATE: 3:28 pm:


Via Lauren Southern

The 1983 US Capitol bombing. See below for the story of how one of the bomb-plotters, whose sentence was commuted by Bill Clinton, now sits on the funding arm of Black Lives Matter.


1. Where is President Trump? No idea. Rumors buzz about a pending big announcement. How would we even hear it? Is the emergency broadcast system still extant? Latest in China-submissive Big Tech purges: Amazon is kicking Twitter-alternate Parler off of its server.

2. Jacobin-style hysteria continues to fuel the drive to remove President Trump from office 10 days before first term officially ends via 25th Amendment, impeachment or both.

3. Why smash our communications and President Trump with only 10 days to go before fraud-elect swears his unholy oath? (President Trump has...

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Via Luke Rudkowski.


This is a different kind of revolution; overthrowing the president last and at the peak of his political popularity -- a popularity of an intensity that is unique in modern history and probably never exceeded.  

But except for the People who grew to love him more and more -- yes, love him, and what poliitician ever in a million years heard chants of "We love you! We love you!" from crowds larger than rock stars' --  Trump has been alone in Washington, surrounding himself with flimsily-veiled vipers, and from the start. Starting before Inauguration Day 2017 forward, Trump had no foundation or power base inside Washington. His power was always outside Washington, from sea to shining sea, where by dint of infinite charisma and belief in America and America first, he raised the near-dead host and remnant republic to a never-expected point of rennaissance.


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After Twitter banned @realDonald Trump, @POTUS responded (above) and Twitter deleted @POTUS.

Our country's institutions, major communications networks are enemy-occupied.

Yes, this is war.


UPDATE 5:20pm: Things are moving very quickly.


This is an important piece of video to watch and share and remember, especially now as re-education media fusion centers are engaged in 24/7 brainwashing to program the American people into believing that the 45th President of the United States "incited" "rioting" at the Capitol to "overturn" the "election," if not the government itself, in a new "Pearl Harbor"-like strike (Newsmax) akin to Islamic terrorism (Andy McCarthy), and must therefore be removed from these dwindling days of office by the 25th amendment or impeachment.


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UPDATE: 6:44pm

More thoughts on the day here are my Patreon channel.


UPDATE: 2:30pm


UPDATE: 1:50pm




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Not second place: What Georgia looked like last night from Air Force One 


All caveats aside, here goes a first and only draft of what I think is going on in Georgia, not that I know, but who does?

Some people know. Some people know exactly what is going on. Some people already know the outcome of the obviously rigged Senate run-off race in Georgia, which is happening, or, rather, let's say, finalizing today. Why "obviously rigged"? Because the state government led by the odiosities in charge, Gov. Brian Kemp and SecState Brad Raffensperger, did nothing to fix the state's obviously fraudulent election system.

I can guess, though. I think Kelly Loeffler will win. Why? Because last night, even as President Trump was rallying for her long blonde sorry self in a stadium packed as only Trump can pack a stadium, Loeffler's husband, Jeffrey Sprecher,...

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Customarily, when we say goodbye to a year by remembering its signal events, we can cite the news of the previous 365 days as recorded, however imperfectly, by news groups and organizations.

Of course, these reports can be hasty, inadequate, biased or wrong; but they usually contain some vital kernels of information. Even the misinformation -- even the disinformation -- can be instructive. A key quotation, an incident in passing, the eye-witness account -- all of it makes up a larger record that may be compared to other records and judged in the clearer light of many days.

I've written many year-enders over my career. For example, at the end of 2009, I wrote a three column appraisal of "the surge" in Iraq. I took...

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Let's make 2021 much much much better than 2020. And yes, watch the full movie -- "Batchelor Mother" with the inimitable Ginger Rogers and dashing David Niven. 


Here it is, the year in review and what comes next in four parts with Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio.

Listen here.


Election News 48 is here.

Thanks to Murray on Twitter, we have Rudy Giuliani's impassioned conclusion to his testimony in Georgia today. 

Let me conclude by saying ... our Founding Fathers, miraculously, probably envisioned everything that would happen to us. They even envisioned this. A disputed election. Cheating. Stealing, And they made a choice. They made a choice of where to put the responsibility in a difficult situation like that. Article I, Section II of the of Constitution puts that responsibility right here, in the legislatures of the several states.

You are responsible for the selection of the electors. Not...

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Election News 47 is here.


At this point in press censorship of The Big Steal, we have to grateful that Tom Fitton is given airtime to make our case. But what is Gregg Jarrett's problem?


Consider the similarities between the Obama document fraud and his constiutional ineligibility for the presidency, and the Biden election fraud and the unconstitutional conduct of key state elections.     

In the simplest terms, omitting much:

1) Barack Obama would not have become president without one fake document, which news media the political stratum protected at all costs. Nor would Obama have become president if the Constitution's eligibility requirements had been adhered to. (See "Remember When Obama Wouldn't Show ID?")


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Election News 46 is here.

Last night, President Trump explained why he is "so determined to pursue every legal and constitutional option available to stop the theft of the presidential election." The litany of fraud and corruption he lays out is, as he says, "a shame on our Republic." It must be exposed, the injustice corrected, and the perpetrators punished. Please watch and share.

The man's glowing composure, I must add, becomes a winner of the greatest landslide in American history.   


There's really not much to add after listening to President Trump's statement -- although, in fact, there is much more to add in the way of exhibits, studies, analyses. Economist Peter Navarro, White House trade advisor, has put together an indispensable overview of November 3, 2020 election irregularities called "The Immaculate Deception." Download the 36-page-booklet here,


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A twitter friend I know as @Norway4Trump made this lovely ad.

Never knew communist subversion could be so festive!

Election News 45 is here.

Remember back when pre-MAGA  America got fed up and melted down the Capitol Hill switchboard and stopped GWB & John McCain's shamnesty? It's time to do that again X one million. We all have a role to play here.

Stop the Steal has the names and numbers of the first line of GOP Senators who must stand up with Rep. Mo Brooks and a growing roster of GOP House members who are pledging to Stop the Steal on January 6 here -- Tommy Tuberville, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Scott, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson.

There's no reason to stop there, though.

Here is contact information...

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Election News 44 is here.

A lot of force movement over the past few weekend days.

The President finally put together an Oval Office war council including Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn, Patrick Byrne. The Swamp was there, too, in the guise of White House lawyers, who are suspected of leaking fake news about the powow to FakeNews, but the fact that Trump is being extensively briefed by such patriots is a huge plus for the American People, including him.

Smartmatic unleased its legal dogs upon Sidney Powell and the few news outlets reporting on her allegations and related election fraud evidence: Fox News, Fox Business, One American News Network (OANN), NewsmaxTV and Epoch Times.

I had begun wondering...

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I don't know how they will top this next Christmas!


Election News News 43 is here.

Is the following account from a reliable source? I have no idea. 

From the Hal Turner Radio Show:

"Hal, as you know I am a clerk for one of the Justices on SCOTUS. Today was like nothing we have ever seen. The justices are arguing loudly behind closed doors.

The Justices met in a closed and sealed room, as is standard.

Usually it is very calm, however today we could hear screaming all the way down the hall.

They met in person, because they didn't trust telephonic meeting as secure.


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Election News 42 is here.

This is about as concise as it gets. Via Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson.



Election News 41 is here.

Or maybe it's six. There is so little national coverage of historic events that took place in the contested swing states (plus New Mexico?) that I am actually not sure.

Update: Kudos to Epoch Times for this interactive graphic on the "Contested Election." ("Interact" here.

You bet it's contested. If the all-important swing states take the unprecedented in modern times step of appointing "dueling electors" to vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence, it's...

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Election News 40 is here.

Masses of breaking news all around. I am going to start today's necessarily fractional fraud round-up with excerpts from Sidney Powell's interview last night with Jan Jekielek because it is filled with equal parts wisdom, courage and key developments.

On her reaction to the Supreme Court dismissal of the Texas case:

I have a mixed reaction to it. I had some  concern over the standing of the states to raise the issues they were raising to begin with, but I  thought because it was a suit that the court had original jurisdiction of, the court would and  should take it, at least—to look at it and address  it more fully than they did. It has no effect on  our cases, because our plaintiffs are electors who have constitutional standing in the electors and  elections clause of the Constitution. So we will not have standing issues in the four cases that I  brought. The court really must address the merits.


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Election News 39 is here.


This ovation will give you chills. 

Do you realize Fraud-Elect Biden could not dare walk onto that field?

Election News 38 is here.

Today's quick hits follow last night's response by the SCOTUS to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General, which came as devastating news. However, as Tracy Beanz pointed out, the Texas lawsuit came as an unexpected bolt from the blue this week, and, as such, its setback does nothing to change any of the many strategies and processes already in place and ongoing.

This is true.

I saw varying opinions of the SCOTUS opinion: some legal experts said the dismissal on the point of Texas having not standing made sense; others said it was, as the president's lawyer Jenna Ellis put it, a political whim.

Rudy Giuiani went on NewsmaxTV to say "We're not finished, believe me!" From Newsmax (or...

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I have a friend who drank 26 espressos a day so he could read all night. Or so he claimed. I certainly share the resolve, if not the habit. 

Here are a few books I read across this year which, sans espresso, turned out to be books I couldn't put down, as the wonderful phrase goes. One of them is also a book that keeps you up at night, which is something quite different. 

That one, the most important one, is The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg. Everyone should read it. This deeply researched and mind-blowing work is hard to put down -- hard to stop thinking about -- and will not only keep you up at night, but will turn those glowing pinpoints of lighted phone chargers and signal boosters...

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The front page of Frontpage

Election News 37 is here.


Picking my way through the election news blackout on the Right, I stumbled across a couple of items  from David Horowitz's Frontpagemag. 

The first item is that Radosh is back with a piece at Frontpage. I take this to signify the end of the public "rift" between Radosh and  Horowitz, supposedly over Horowitz's alleged support for Donald Trump.

I never believed the rift, or Horowitz's support for Trump, either. A to-the-hilt Bush neocon as late as February 2016, Horowitz made the switch as Trump's GOP primary victory became inevitable,...

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Election News 36 is here.

Sidney Powell went on Lou Dobbs last night and presented more details from her independent investigation of the theft of the 2020 presidential election by enemies foreign and domestic, including a list of foreign suspects. She told Dobbs she would be able to present more evidence on his show very soon. 

Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

This is a major, major developing story. Where it leads, we obviously don't know, and the co-opted media are not reporting it. It's possible the story could hit a wall but I doubt it. By now it already appears that our "three-letter agencies" were complict and/or incompetent in regard to foreign intrusion and manipulation of the 2020 election -- and, of course, with domestic political accomplices.


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Election News 35 is here.

Behold Gateway Pundit's home page this morning (above). Laser-focused like a classic tabloid on the most important story of not the day but the century, Gateway Pundit is highlighting the momentous events that the Fourth Estate is ignoring, dismissing, twisting & supressing from its outlets stationed across the political spectrum

This is full-on war against the POTUS and his re-election, and the media have lined up with the enemy of the will of the People. 

Some other reports from "the front," starting with Amistad Project's Phillip Kline, former Kansas secretary of state: 



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Election News 34 is here.

Earlier this week, a commentator emailed a short list of miitary and politicos a link to a new piece. I knew a few of the people, recognized names of some and didn't know others.

What drew my attention, however, was not the oped, but a comment that one person emailed to the list. Let's call him "Bob."

Bob wrote:

Good & provocative read. I don’t necessarily agree with everything  said but I am relieved! What I mean is that I am delighted to note that things are normalizing by returning to pre Trump administration partisan, but “ civilized” rhetoric! 

I didn't know Bob. I don't usually spend a lot of time of such email lists. The more I thought about what he was saying, the more I knew I had to say something back. 


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As we find ourselves catching up with communist subversion all around us, lately in regard to Chinese communist subversion, I have been happily amazed at the numerous shout-outs, recommendations, references, I am coming across on social media for my subversion primer, American Betrayal:The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character. 

The book is available in print, kindle, and as an audiobook, which I narrated. American Betrayal has also been translated into Polish and Portugese -- and "canceled" by all the dodgiest people. Its Trump-era companion piece, The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy, is also available...

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Over at my Patreon subscription channel, I have posted some "After the rally" remarks.

Watch/subscribe here. 

Election News 33 is here.

The spotlight shifts to Georgia.

Evidence of every kind of ballot and voting machine fraud abounds in the Peach State -- including the infamous, statistically nigh impossible post-midnight vote-spike for Biden on receiving 98 percent of a batch of 23,487 votes. Georgia is also where, around the time of this same vote-spike (a statistically baffling phenomenon repeated in the swing states), security cameras recorded four people rolling suitcases out from beneath a table which were filled with ballots that were counted after the Republican poll watchers had been sent home.  

Out of nearly five million votes counted (one cannot say "legally cast") in the state, just 11,779 votes separate Biden from...

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Listen to my segment here:

There is so much raw bulk election news underway, bigger and crazier all the time that I'm going to shoot off spray of Twitter grapeshot to try to cover some of it. 

And speaking of raw bulk election news, I hope everyone has seen and shared as widely as possible the testimony of Jesse Morgan, the truck driver for a subcontractor of USPS who drove as many as 280,000 filled-in mail-in ballots in bulk from New York to Pennsylvania. Morgan gave detailed, straightforward testimony at a election whistleblowers event presented by the Amistad Project ubder former Kansas Attorney General Phillip Kline. 

The President retweeted Morgan's video clip, which you can watch here. 

The Amistad Project on Election Whistleblowers press conference is here


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Election News 30 is here.

Directly addressing the American people to present an overview of the unprecedented assault on our election, President Trump deliveres what he says may be the most important speech he will ever give.

Watch here.

Election News 29 is here.

Into the breach, William Barr, CIA alias "Robert Johnson," William Safire tag "the Cover-Up General."

Christmas party chatter a couple of years ago pointed to Joseph DiGenova as the godfather of the Barr appointment to the Department of Justice, but whoever urged the appointment on President Trump, Barr has been Trump's worst-nightmare-pick following the unforeseeable Sessions disaster.

But how could he not have been? I am no whiz at prognostication, but when the historical record is written in flashing red warning lights, it's not that hard to predict dangerous shoals lie ahead. So it...

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Election News 28 is here.

Yesterday, I recorded a video at my new Patreon channel, The Silence of the Right. (It is available by monthly subscription, starting at one dollar.)

"The Silence of the Right" could be a regular feature, a daily roll of shame, documenting the silence of media on the Right (the Left is hopeless) when it comes to their non-reporting on the treasonous theft of the 2020 election from Donald Trump.

Last Wednesday in Pennsylvania and yesterday in Arizona, witnesses, from voters and poll workers to computer security and voting data experts, presented boat loads of evidence on ballot fraud and electronic election fraud...

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Election News 27 is here.

The Arizona election fraud hearing is still underway, but Arizona Gov. Ducey went ahead and certified the election results for Joe Biden minutes ago.

Not dirty at all.

Watch Live Here

Some notable moments to date.

Rudy Giuliaini addressing Arizona legislators:

"It's YOUR power. It's NOT theirs. Whatever power the Governor or Sec of State thinks they're exercising - it isn't theirs. It's the Legislatures. You can take it back...Have the courage to do that. In history, I swear to God, you will be heroes."

Michelle Malkin reports:

Dominion machines...

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Election News 26 is here.

It is Saturday morning and Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano has just announced

Article II, Section 1, Clause 2:

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

Annotated here.


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