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Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, October 27, 2010 6:17 AM 

Vlad Tepes has posted a string of pieces collectively entitled, "The Imam Always Gets His Man: Why Royal Candadian Mounted Police Outreach Isn't Working," that tells us that the same suicidal institutional mindset we saw on display recently among Homeland Security and FBI officials here and here addles the security institutions of our neighbors to the North -- namely, the RCMP.

Specifically, the post is about a conference in Ottowa tomorrow that RCMP members have been urged to attend. According to MacLeans, organizers include:

Green Party members who call themselves the “ Ottawa Group of Four.” They include Qais Ghanem, a doctor whose posting on the “Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth” reads: “I have, from the outset, believed that the 9/11 horrendous massacre of thousands of innocent civilians could not possibly be the work of a dozen amateur Saudis. Close watching of video clips and reading of lots of expert opinions convinced me further that this is an inside job, or that it was at the very least done with inside help.”

Other members of the group are Paul Maillet, a retired air force colonel; Sylvie Lemieux, who retired from the Canadian Forces as a lieutenant-colonel and then worked in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade; and Akbar Manoussi, who was recently hired as chair of “clean energy education” at the Willis College of Business, Health, and Technology in Ottawa. ...

Manoussi has also identified himself as “director general” of the “Iranian Cultural Centre” in Ottawa, which shares the same address as the Iranian embassy. At least once in the last year he has attended a conference in Iran hosted by the government there and geared toward burnishing the country’s image and attracting foreign investment.

Manoussi is also member of the RCMP’s “cultural diversity committee” in the National Capital Region.

According to Sgt. Mark Ménard, a spokesperson for the RCMP, the committee tries to reach out to ethnic communities and build ties between them and the national police force. “It’s about sharing information and helping people, nothing more than that,” he says. 

In fact, it's a lot more than that. It's called subversion and penetration, and the Mounties don't get it, just as the FBI doesn't get it.

Ménard often sits in on committee meetings and says he was there when Manoussi told RCMP officers involved about the conference he was planning. Manoussi then sent an email to Cpl. Wayne Russett, an RCMP “Aboriginal and Ethnic Liaison Officer,” who is in charge of the committee. Maclean’s has obtained a copy of that email:

“Hello Wayne; Here is an International Peace Conference that I would like to invite you, your colleagues and members of our Cultural Diversity Consultative Committee. Please le me know how many people are attending. I can provide you with a complementary table of six. I can provide the complementary tickets to our group as well.”

Russett forwarded Manoussi’s email to his RCMP colleagues on the committee with the following personal message included:

“Here is an invite to an important conference from Akbar Manoussi. I am already attending this event as a guest of another Community member. Hope to see some of you there.”

Is this death by banality?

In an interview with Maclean’s, organizer Paul Maillet said the conference, which will feature a panel discussion among all participants, will strive to “change the language from one of conflict to one of peace,” and to “create a safe space to bring some people together to start a dialogue.” Maillet said he didn’t know anything about the Iranian participants, as Akbar Manoussi had chosen and invited them. ...

Here are some, as reported by the Toronto Sun: Zijad Delic, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, who had his speech at military HQ cancelled earlier this month by Defence Minister Peter MacKay for being an  "extremist" (see below); Tehran University Professors linked to the Iranian regime, and Davood Ameri of the Islamic World Peace Forum. "The website for that organization features graphic anti-Semitic cartoons," the paper reports, "including one showing an Israeli soldier shooting a baby next to a sign that reads Gaza. The website’s front page focuses on what it deems human rights abuses in America and labels the U.S. a terrorist state."

You know, sharing information and helping people.

David B. Harris, a former official with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and currently a terrorism consultant, has called for a probe into Military HQ's invitation to Delic, whom Harris describes as being "part of CIC’s sharia gender-apartheid lobbying," as well as having this month "led the CIC’s support for the international Organization of Islamic Conference’s Islamist “blasphemy” initiative — a frontal assault on free speech and human rights." Harris also notes that Delic's group also awarded a “media excellence award” to "an Islamic publisher whose newspaper reportedly regards 9/11 as `successful' and advocates Iranian-style theocracy."

Could things be even crazier in Canada? Nah.

Summing up, dry-style, Harris writes:

Unfortunately, the [RCMP] outreach unit maintains close connections with affiliates of Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi-oriented groups most intimately associated with hardline Islam and the “Islamphobia” persecution mania. This is a peculiar road to counterradicalization.


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