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Nov 26

Written by: Diana West
Friday, November 26, 2010 7:50 AM 

Gates of Vienna has a stomach-turner of a story up, with video from Vlad Tepes, about the sentencing this week of a swaggering (watch the video) Toronto Muslim man convicted of aggravated manslaughter in his attempt to "honor kill" his 16-year-old daughter. In 2007, it seems, the man drove his minivan at his daughter, his son-in law and the daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend, dragging the girl under the vehicle causing head injuries, breaking his son-in-law's pelvis, and causing more minor injuries to the boyfriend. The father was sentenced to five years in federal prison and, and taking off for time already served, will serve about four years.

A few years ago, the shockeroo of the story would have been, first, in the nature of the crime: A father tries to mow down his daughter and others because he doesn't like the girl's boyfriend -- as a point of "HONOR"?? Are you KIDDING?? How twisted it that?

No more. We have come to learn that this is a practice widely practiced mainly in Islamic societies.

The next most shocking thing would have been the crime's location. An attempted honor killing IN TORONTO??? Are you KIDDING?? How amazing is that?

No more. We have come to learn that honor killings, once wholly unheard of in the Western world, now take place here due to the immigration of Muslims into Western countries. 

I think there is still at least some novelty to the story for the average reader. According to CTV News, the court was told the man's family "FULLY SUPPORT THE ACCUSED."

Are you KIDDING? How twisted and amazing is that?

Whether the family gathered in court, visibly upset by the sentencing, also included the now-recovered daughter and son-in-law, news reports do not indicate.

I was curious: What garden spot in the umma produced this particular Toronto-based clan caught re-enacting the popular nightmare version of "Father Knows Best" now playing in Muslim enclaves across the Western world?

Pakistan? Jordan? Nope. Sri Lanka. From the Toronto Sun:

The judge said Selladurai disapproved of his daughter’s 17-year-old boyfriend because he was from a lower caste in their native Sri Lanka and the father feared it would reflect badly on his family’s good reputation.

The patriarch feared that her relationship with him would mean others in their community “wouldn’t consider his daughter suitable for marriage,” said McMahon.

“This court cannot condone people resorting to violent criminal actions against family members because it would bring shame to the family,” said McMahon.

Sellakdurai “accelerated his car, drove straight at them and struck all three, dragging his daughter and son-in-law for five metres until the mini-van crashed into a fence,” said the judge. After Selladurai ran them over, he pursued the boyfriend and threatened to kill him, court heard. The victim made it to Stephen Leacock, where a teacher held off the angry father.

Selladurai’s family members asked that the charges be withdrawn, said McMahon....

Here, from Comment #1 on the Sun story, is what their arguments might have sounded like:

"You all speak of immigrants negatively and in this man's defense, don't expect us to leave our beliefs and traditions behind just because we're now in Canada. Be accepting of our values. You only see one side to this story, but I am completely supportive of this man. This is his daughter - what you don't know is the disrespect that this man has received from his own gene. He tried speaking to her, and advised her on numerous levels, but she decided that she'd rather run away from home with a lower caste guy who got involved in a gang-related activity just two days prior to this incident. The accused wants the best for his child, all she had to do was wait. She rushed it, and that aggravated the father. 4yrs & 1mth will fly. I applaud him."

“Cultural differences can never be used as an excuse to justify criminal acts in Canada,” said Justice John McMahon as he passed sentence on Selvanayagam Selladurai. All well and good. But the time for cluck-clucking at such barbarism is over. There are conclusions to draw from the evidence. Just for starters, in "honor" of this latest attempted murder of a family female, halt all immigration from countries where honor killings are tolerated. Otherwise, before you know it, such criminal acts won't be considered "cultural differences" anymore -- or even criminal.

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