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Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 7:52 AM 

... I don't know.

What I do know is that Obama's life "story" reeks of fraud, as independent investigators pull chunks and shards of evidence from the Obama deep, attempting to piece them together as a way through what should be a clear roadmap of a man's early life but is instead a maze of purposeful deception. It is a maze thick with irony beginning with the notion that the same man who wrote two (count 'em, two) autobiographical volumes before age 47 won't release one single document attesting to his identity, his family, his education, his travels, his careers. (No, I don't count the dodgy computerized images that have appeared, presto, before our eyes, high-tech-smoke-and-mirrors style.) It is a maze whispering with rumors as well, sometimes leading to dead ends, as, for example -- AND THIS IS A CORRECTION TO A STORY POINT THAT CAME UP DURING MY APPEARANCE WITH FRANK GAFFNEY ON SECURE FREEDOM RADIO --  the false anecdote that in a debate with Senate-candidate Alan Keyes, Senate-candidate Obama claimed it didn't matter he was born in Kenya since he wasn't running for president. Not true.

In the past four months, I have written four columns syndicated by Universal Uclick devoted to the eligibility saga as it wends its way through different state courts and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse investigation, as well as the attendant issue of gross media and political irresponsibility in failing to address the story in any serious, professional way. These columns are: "Why wasn't Obama slapped with contempt of court?" (2/09/12), "Why the silence about Obama's historic scam?" (3/22/12), "Is Obama disowning online birth certificate?" (4/19/12), and last week's "Spineless officials choose to ignore Obama's fraud" (6/07/12). Some of my weekly-like-clockwork outlets chose not to publish these four columns, a fact which itself has aroused commentary of its own, with Roger Kimball and Thomas Lifson, for example, addressing the supremely important issue of censorship and self-censorship such "spikes" reveal.

A fifth column, "Only voters can stop insidious spread of socialism" 4/12/12, which makes plain reference to the Obama document fraud, sneaked through. Before these 2012 columns, the last time I wrote about the eligibility issue in a column was to cover  last year's White House press conference at which the long-form computer image was unveiled -- "Let Them Eat Birth Certificates" 5/20/11. That column appeared in some places and not others.

While this is merely my bird's eye of the story -- and there is a busy, sharp-eyed flock of independent writers, investigators, lawyers, and concerned citizens out there trying to solve the mysteries -- I think the story is starting to seep slowly into a new layer of consciousness. For example, after Frank Gaffney, noted national security expert and former Pentagon official who served in the Reagan administration (and one of my 19 co-authors on the Team B II Report, Shariah: The Threat to America) chose for the first time to devote one of his his hour-long radio shows to the topic,, leader of the pack on the eligibility issue, wrote up the interview, which then made it into the Washington Times 24/7 email alert.

Will the newspaper proper take on the story? Will any newspaper proper take on the story? There is another irony to the whole Obama eligibility story in the fact that with the 40th anniversary of Watergate upon us (as the Washington Post is busy reminding us), the new platitude in Washington to bemoan the demise of investigative reporting. And how! But it is not just a lack of financial resources, as  former Post exec ed Leonard Downie Jr. tells us. We are witnessing a colossal failure of imagination and professional duty. Perhaps more than ever, fealty to ideology shapes news-gathering, while the word of authority (Dear Leader) takes precedence over evidence -- over logic itself. A high mental hurdle blocks most people from even seeing the issue, a hurdle that has arisen in the pin-drop hush on the subject in all mainstream circles. This week, The American Thinker blog, another rare stalwart in the quest for answers on the eligibility issue, published an essay in which Nick Chase tracks his own progress in thinking to a point where he could finally vault that hurdle and address the evidence himself despite what he calls "the cone of silence." Unbound, he's attested to the fraudulence on the online long form over five essays since April. A fine example.

More please.

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