Saturday, December 05, 2020
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Listen to my segment here:

There is so much raw bulk election news underway, bigger and crazier all the time that I'm going to shoot off spray of Twitter grapeshot to try to cover some of it. 

And speaking of raw bulk election news, I hope everyone has seen and shared as widely as possible the testimony of Jesse Morgan, the truck driver for a subcontractor of USPS who drove as many as 280,000 filled-in mail-in ballots in bulk from New York to Pennsylvania. Morgan gave detailed, straightforward testimony at a election whistleblowers event presented by the Amistad Project ubder former Kansas Attorney General Phillip Kline. 

The President retweeted Morgan's video clip, which you can watch here. 

The Amistad Project on Election Whistleblowers press conference is here


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Election News 30 is here.

Directly addressing the American people to present an overview of the unprecedented assault on our election, President Trump deliveres what he says may be the most important speech he will ever give.

Watch here.

Election News 29 is here.

Into the breach, William Barr, CIA alias "Robert Johnson," William Safire tag "the Cover-Up General."

Christmas party chatter a couple of years ago pointed to Joseph DiGenova as the godfather of the Barr appointment to the Department of Justice, but whoever urged the appointment on President Trump, Barr has been Trump's worst-nightmare-pick following the unforeseeable Sessions disaster.

But how could he not have been? I am no whiz at prognostication, but when the historical record is written in flashing red warning lights, it's not that hard to predict dangerous shoals lie ahead. So it...

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Election News 28 is here.

Yesterday, I recorded a video at my new Patreon channel, The Silence of the Right. (It is available by monthly subscription, starting at one dollar.)

"The Silence of the Right" could be a regular feature, a daily roll of shame, documenting the silence of media on the Right (the Left is hopeless) when it comes to their non-reporting on the treasonous theft of the 2020 election from Donald Trump.

Last Wednesday in Pennsylvania and yesterday in Arizona, witnesses, from voters and poll workers to computer security and voting data experts, presented boat loads of evidence on ballot fraud and electronic election fraud...

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