Tuesday, October 04, 2022
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Via The Prisoner's Record on Telegram

Calendar: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Case Number and Title





21-cr-0263:  USA v. ALFORD

Judge Tanya S. Chutkan


Courtroom 9- In Person

Voir Dire

21-cr-0085:  USA v. STRAND

Judge Christopher R. Cooper


Courtroom 27A- In Person

Jury Trial

22-cr-0015:  USA v.RHODES 

22-cr-0015:  USA v. MEGGS

22-cr-0015:  USA v. HARRELSON

22-cr-0015:  USA v. WATKINS

22-cr-0015:  USA v. CALDWELL

Judge Amit P. Mehta


Courtroom 23A- In Person

Jury Selection

21-cr-0158:  USA v. FITZSIMONS

Judge Rudolph Contreras


Courtroom 24A- In Person

Preliminary Sentencing ?


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Join me at my Patreon channel where I've just posted a talk in two parts considering today's so-called Great Reset in terms of the Morgenthau Plan of the middle 1940s.

There are many differences, of course. In the 1940s, the Allied plan was to deindustrialize only Germany, Today, the former Allies are de-industralizing their own societies all over Europe, heavy industry by fertilizer factory by farm, and don't forget about the US. It's all so easy after we were  softened up by the initial assault of plandemic lockdown. Back in the 1940s, the deindustrailization of Germany (halted around 1947) was in the name of war reparations; the rationale for depopulation was in ideas of collective retribution....

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I can't stop watching this. The whole cabinet has to run away from the truth.

In her recent Substack column, Naomi Wolf writes of media attacks, including by the AP. She points out:

The Associated Press is conflicted in covering this story, via its direct financial ties to Xinhua News Agency, the official state news agency of the People's Republic of China. Xinhua is also a ministry-level institution subordinate to the State Council of the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”), and is the highest-ranking state media organization in China.

Sounds as if the Chinese-Associated Press is conflicted in covering every other story, too. Wolf continues:

AP has a “memorandum of cooperation” (MOC) with Xinhua, which is an entity that Reporters without Borders calls “The World’s Biggest Propaganda Machine.” Members of Congress have asked AP to release documentation of the terms of this MOC. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2018/12/24/congress-demands-answers-aps-relationship-with-chinese-state-media/....

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