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Aug 31

Written by: Diana West
Monday, August 31, 2009 10:07 AM 


Mohammed the "Gratuitous"?


Not that anyone is keeping score, but among the "experts" Yale turned to for agreement, I mean, advice on censoring the Danish Motoons and other imagery of Yale's prophet Mohammed in that extremely tiresome book Yale is publishing about them without them, is John Negroponte, Yale '60, former Bush administration official, and new Yale professor. He has now confirmed that he voted Yes to Dhimmitude. From the Yale Daily News:

Q: What advice did you give Yale about publishing the cartoons?

A: I agreed with the decision by Yale, and I certainly think that publishing the cartoons and the likenesses of Muhammad in the way they appeared in those cartoons would have been a gratuitous act....

"Gratuitous." They all call publishing the cartoons "gratuitous."

Q: When would the concern about possible violence be outweighed by the obligation to protect free speech?

A: It’s a judgment call, of course. The question is: on balance, how much of the academic purpose of this book is stymied by the fact of not publishing the cartoons? I don’t think it’s stymied at all since the images are accessible elsewhere, especially online.

Well, so is the Constitution....



Q: What else influenced your recommendation to the University?

I love this answer:

A: What was kind of decisive for me in a way as I looked through the background and some of the material was that the American newspapers took the decision not to publish the images back in 2005. I think one did ...


... but the Washington Post and New York Times and Boston Globe did not.

Sheep leading the sheep.


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