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Sep 16

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 6:33 AM 

Mark Steyn writes:

We don't do a lot of product endorsement here at SteynOnline, but I'm making an exception for these cute-as-a-button golden retriever puppies - in part because they're family. One of the two litters are the nieces and nephews of my dog Lola, and the other are the half-brothers and half-sisters of my other dog Knuckle (don't blame me, I didn't name him).

These American Kennel Club-registered golden retriever puppies are being offered for sale by my friend Ruth Dwyer. A few years back, Ruth ran for Governor of Vermont against Howard Dean and, despite a vicious campaign against her by The Rutland Herald and his other protectors in the media, made it a damn close run thing for the Screamer and helped return the State House to GOP control. (The Weekly Standard's Andrew Ferguson wrote a great profile of Ruth here.) After spending that much time in Montpelier, you can't blame a gal for preferring the company of puppies.


Ruth has bred golden retrievers for 20 years, and her dogs are great personalities. These latest pups are ready to leave the farm right now. She and they live in eastern Vermont - a convenient and scenic ride from New Hampshire, southern Quebec, upstate New York and Massachusetts. Not quite so convenient from Nevada, but still well worth the trip. For more information, call (802) 785-2817 or e-mail (Price available upon request.)
Truth in advertising -- Mark also notes:

You don't have to be a columnist to own these dogs (although my International Free Press Society confrere Diana West has a couple of cousins). They're fun for young and old, and are genetically programmed to savage Howard Dean if he shows up late at night to push government health care on you. And, seeing as how we'll be practically cousins-in-law, with every puppy you'll get a free limited-edition SteynOnline dog bowl. 





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