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Oct 2

Written by: Diana West
Friday, October 02, 2009 10:52 AM 

The first Yale Muslim Chaplain, Omer Bajwa, may have just written a letter with University Chaplain Sharon Kugler extolling "the progress that Yale is making to build a community of true religious understanding" (and bemoaning the appearance by Kurt Westergaard at Yale to speak) but just a few years ago on a trip to Islamabad, Pakistan, he was talking about building a different kind of religious community.

Here's what he's reported to have said while visiting the Women's Institute of Science and Humanities (WISH) in islamabad.

Muslims will win the final victory in the West if they conform to their beliefs and disseminate the message of Islam with wisdom and politeness.

Muslims will win the final victory...? Final victory? "Final victory" doesn't fit into "a community of true religious understanding." It is the endgoal of jihad.

This comment appears in a posting at the WISH website here,

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