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Jan 15

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 6:26 AM 

Three new books about the recently ended second marriage of French President Nicolas Sarkosy have made news in France even as reports emerge that he may already have tied the knot with his latest girlfriend.

So what? Well, he does head an advanced state, and he and George W. Bush have lately been falling all over each other, trying to outsell advanced nuclear and military technology to Jihad Central Saudi Arabia. What kind of leader thinks this is a good idea? Leaving Bush aside (for the moment), consider this tidbit from the "most sensational" of the three Sarkozy marriage books, as reported by the Washington Post:

In the book, [his former wife] is also quoted as saying that after the couple's dovirce in October, the president went on a dating binge, and often stayed out at nightclubs singing karaoke until 4 a.m. "Nicolas does not look like a president of the republic," the book quotes her as saying. "He has a real behavioral problem."

How do you say "death of the grown-up" in French?






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