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Oct 19

Written by: Diana West
Monday, October 19, 2009 2:26 PM 

Searching for updates (couldn't find any) on the Afghan soldier who fired on US troops in Afghanistan early this month, killing two and wounding two before escaping, I came across this September 12 story from the AP:

American shot over drink of water
In Kabul, the capital, an American service member and an Afghan police officer got into an argument because the American was drinking water in front of the Afghan police, who are not eating or drinking during the day because of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, said the district chief, Abdul Baqi Zemari.
The police officer shot the American and seriously wounded him, while other American troops responded and seriously wounded the police officer, Zemari said.

Lt. Robert Carr, a U.S. military spokesman, confirmed an incident between Afghan police officers and a U.S. police mentoring team. He could not provide information on the conditions of the two men.

Behold Islamic supremacism in action in US-occupied-liberated-population-protecting-Afghanistan. In this case, it's Islamic law or death, attempted murder, anyhow, of the very soldiers from the very country that is idiotically -- no, criminally -- attempting to help with every resource possible, including our best young men.

Meanwhile, our supreme commander walks around, hat in hand, asking the barbarians "What do you need?"

As a column in the LA Times makes clear, it's not always easy to get an answer. Discussing the difficulties of prevaling with "soft power" -- the massive bribery program euphemistically known as "reconstruction" -- Gilles Dorronsoro notes:

...the population can easily reap the benefits of reconstruction programs and still support the insurgency. Not far from Kabul, some members of a Western-funded shura (tribal council) were recently unable to participate in a session because of wounds suffered in battle against coalition forces the previous night.

Please read that last sentence over again. Then how about letting your US Representative or Senator know how you feel about Gen. McChrystal's population-protection racket.


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