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Oct 20

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, October 20, 2009 6:34 AM 

The attack on the US solider by an Afghan policeman for drinking water during the Muslim fasting-time of Ramadan reminded me of this story in the Brussels Journal from the  2008 Ramadan season:

Tramp Beaten Up For Drinking Beer During Ramadan

A forty-year old homeless man almost died when he was beaten up in Brussels by a man and his father, both Muslims, because he was drinking beer during the Ramadan. Rachid, the 19-year old culprit, beat his victim Serge with an iron bar with nails.

A few days ago Serge had an appointment with a doctor in a policlinic in Blaes Street. He arrived early and, since he had to wait, Serge opened a can of beer. At that moment an elderly Muslim who lives above the policlinic came downstairs. He objected to Serge drinking a beer in public during Ramadan, the Muslim fast. Things escalated when his son Rachid came downstairs, too.

Father and son beat up Serge. They threw him out of the building on a pile of rubbish bags. Amidst the rubbish Rachid found an iron bar studded with nails. He seized the bar and smashed it in on Serge. The tramp tried to protect his face with his arms, but could not prevent the bully from hitting an artery on his legs. ...

And, while we're on the subject, that story reminded me of this BBC story of September 18:

"Threats for breaking Moroccan [sic] fast"

A Moroccan man campaigning to change the law banning eating in public during the Muslim Ramadan fast says he has received 100 death threats this week.

Radi Omar denied that his group was anti-Islam. "We are in favour of individual freedom," he told the BBC.

Six of his colleagues are in custody after planning to eat in public last Sunday and he demanded their release.

Mr Omar said they were being well treated but he assumed they were not being fed during the fasting hours.

The group, known as the Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms (Mali), has more than 1,200 members on its Facebook site.

They planned a public defiance of the law at the train station in Mohammedia near Casablanca last Sunday but were dispersed by the police.

The protesters were prevented from eating and so should not have been detained, Mr Omar said, adding that they have not been charged.

Under Moroccan law, eating in public during the hours of daylight, when Muslims are supposed to observe a fast, can lead to a fine and up to six months in prison.

And that would be "moderate" Morocco, in case you're keeping track.

Point is, from Afghanistan to Belgium to Morocco, we can see Islamic law going global, asserting itself, or trying, in both Islamic and Western jurisdictions, over Muslims and non-Muslims. Be alarmed.

Then there's London:

Back in the UK, fasting during Ramadan is becoming as British as tea time (only not, of course, during Ramadan). Not only has Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, this year "urged non-Muslims to fast for a day during Ramadan and then to break their fast at a mosque to improve their understanding of Islam" (September 5 Times story here), but as the Telegraph reported on September 20:

"Home Office Told: Don't Eat in Front of Muslims During Ramadan"

A five-page advice booklet tells civil servants that eating lunch near a colleague who is fasting can make them feel hungry.

The Home Office Islamic Network produced the advice which said: “In practical terms, please be sensitive when eating lunch near a Muslim colleague who is fasting.

“This can make an individual feel hungrier and make it more challenging to observe the fast.”

It also urged Home Office managers to be flexible over working hours because Muslims may be following a different routine during Ramadan, which finished this weekend....

This British rush to dhimmitude almost makes all those "Marches 4 Shariah"  on the calendar in the UK sound like a big fat anticlimax. On the other hand, such "extremists" serve as the Hammer, the Brownshirts, the menacing threat of violence that only bolsters the mainstream push for sharia by "respectable" "mainstream" Islamic organizations, further demoralizing an ever-rationalizing populace as it slides to dhimmitude.

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