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Jan 15

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 11:36 AM 

Turns out it isn't just offers of marriage Nicolas Sarkozy throws around. If you are an Arab Islamic country, preferably with pots of oil, he is very likely to offer to share nuclear technology with you--for those moments when the well runs dry, as it were. To date, as Brussels Journal notes, he's signed agreements with Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and now UAE--declaring that access to civilian nuclear technology "ought to be a right for all peoples."

No word on what he think about access to oil.

His strategy? Oh, it's big, alright.

BBC reports: "After signing the deal with Algeria last month, Mr Sarkozy said: `The sharing of civilian nuclear [technology] will be one of the foundations of a pact of confidence which the West must forge with the Islamic world.' "

Why do I not feel confident?



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