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Oct 25

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, October 25, 2009 4:30 PM 

Behold one of Gen. McChrystal's Afghans, one of the little people US forces "must protect from everything that can hurt them" in the Grand Bush-Obama Scheme to Win Buy Hearts and Minds.

What has ruffled our little man's feathers today, along with those of thousands of his countrymen? A rumor that a Koran burned during a US operation against Taliban forces. But hey: Let's say it was true. Let's just say a Koran was incinerated during some US operation. BIG WHOOP.

But that's just Occidental Me.

For Islamic Him, it's protest-time, and didn't he get that nice banner ready quickly?

Gen.McChrystal should ask this upstanding citizen of tomorrowland, just as he asks every other Afghan, What do you need? This time, the answer is very easy -- Islam. And whaddya know, he already has it!

Can we stop nation-building and go home now?



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