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Nov 5

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, November 05, 2009 4:21 PM 

Did I just say "more to come"?

It's here:

Shepherd Smith of Fox News just interviewed a retired army colonel named Terry Lee who worked with Hasan,

According to Lee, Hasan frequently spoke out against American presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying "maybe Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor." Lee said felllow officers at first assumed Hasan meant stand up to insurgent-aggressors, but that was not the case.

More outrageous: After the Little Rock jihad shooting at the Army-Navy recruiting station that killed Pvt. William Long, Lee said Hasan "was almost sort of happy about it."  A couple of other officers called him on this but Hasan kept saying maybe we should just get out and Muslims should just stand up to the aggressor.

Lee said he was told by a third person that Hasan had said of the Little Rock attack, "Maybe we should have more of these, and have people strap bombs on themselves in Times Square...."

After Barack Obama became president, Hasan believed the wars would end, but Lee says he became increasingly "agitated" when they did not.

Lee wants to know why Hasan was transferred from Walter Reed to Ft. Hood.


Now shooter's first cousin Nader Hasan is on the phone, talking about Hasan's "harassment referenced to his Middle East ethnicity even though he was born and raised" in the US. Some talk about a complaint Hasan filed that Shepherd later says was dismissed. Cousin says Hasan was born a Muslim, and is (was) a good American, and the family is feeling sadness, shocked, etc., has no idea how this could have happened. Hasan never went to Iraq, cousin said, tended Iraq vets at Walter Reed only.

Shepherd says we are really interested in Hasan's background and cousin abruptly says he has to go.


More to come.




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