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Nov 6

Written by: Diana West
Friday, November 06, 2009 4:36 AM 

Some backstory to the Ft. Hood Massacre by a "Palestinian" Muslim officer in the United States Army.

First, why do I call Hasan a "Palestinian"? Because he has  identified himself as Palestinian.

Why do I call him "Muslim"? Despite what dhimmi-media are not bothering to mention, or barely mentioning in passing, he is a Muslim. In this Age of Jihad, this is RELEVANT.

Elementary example: If, during World War II, a German-American Nazi had shouted "Sieg Heil" befor committing a similar unspeakable act on a US base, his German-ness and Nazi beliefs would also have been RELEVANT. (Of course, had such an officer been arguing against US involvement in WWII and calling for German Nazis to "rise up against the aggressor," etc., he would have been relieved of duty if not arrested long before such an attack.)

But even as we learn Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" -- not "God is Great," as the media oh-so-prudishly prefers -- before mowing down dozens of brave American soldiers deep in the heart of Texas (just as Mohammed Atta, the Egyptian AIr 990 pilot, the Bulldozer killer, and more, all yelled) the military spokesmen, pundits, newspapers remain "stumped" as to his motivation.


They are unable even to speculate whether this was an act of jihad. They can't even mouth the words, certainly can't write them. Here are a couple of sample headlines in the morning papers. After reporting the death toll, they add:

"Officer Is Supect" (NYT). Or: "Suspect Is Army Psychiatrist Who Worked at Walter Reed" (WP).

The suspect officer is a Muslim, and the headlines should have reflected this, iike so:

"Muslim Officer is Suspect." Or: "Muslim Suspect Is Army Psychiatrist..."

He is what he is.

In a slightly saner world the media would explore how -- "whether" would be a start -- Islamic beliefs figured into the massacre; Congress would  investigate how such a man -- someone described as happy about the jihadist attack on a Little Rock Army-Navy recruiting station that killed Pvt. William Long -- was allowed to remain in the military. And it would fall to the military and security services to own up to politically incorrect fact that at the very least combat cohesion is shot, certainly post-Ft. Hood this week, certainly post-Helmand this week (where five British troops were killed by a Taliban-linked Afghan policeman) with Muslims in the ranks.

Meanwhile, there seem to be few Muslims in the military. I am still looking for current data, but meanwhile came across this 2007 report from Newsmax which reports:

Pentagon statistics show there are more Jews and Buddhists than Muslims serving in the 1.4 million strong, overwhelmingly Christian armed forces.

In the Marine Corps, there are only slightly more Muslims than Wiccans, who practice witchcraft. And in the Air Force, Wiccans outnumber Muslims by more than two to one.

The Pentagon lists 3,386 Muslims in active service, compared with 1.22 million Christians of a wide array of denominations .... 

The question is, Do we love basking in the self-congratulation of "diversity" so much that we will ask our soldiers to trust their lives to some few Muslims in the military all too prone to Sudden Jihad Syndrome? (I've written about this as "Hair-Trigger Moderates" as well.) Do we love affirming the mythology of "multiculturalism" so much that we will continue to deny the irreconcilable differences between Islam and Judeo-Christian beliefs -- not to mention secular humanist beliefs -- that now fester within our military and security services? (Hasan was actually a consultant on a panel advising President Obama on Homeland Security matters.) So far, the answer is a clear and resounding "yes." Yes to Diversity over Survival. Yes to Denial over Reality. Dhimmitude Is Us.

Someone wrote me last night:

I just watched the latest military press briefing. The Commanding Officer adamantly refused to discuss anything about Major Hassan, the shooter, and I did not hear one question from the press corps inquiring if Major Hassan's Muslim faith, jihad or Islam could have had anything to do with this act. 
More than that, there was not a question about how on God's Earth the C.O. can believe he can guarantee the safety of his non-Muslim troops from further acts like this.
It was almost comical, were it not so tragic, to listen to the questions and answers about the timeline, the location of the shootings, the responding units, the facility layout, the graduation ceremony closeby, the coming deployment of the troops, the firearms Hassan had at his disposal, the base security now being ramped up, and anything else but the "I" word.
For we must not say it aloud.  We must not whisper it.  We must not think it, for if we do then we must confront the all too horrible thought that perhaps we are at war with the entire World of Islam - and that is unthinkable.  So, the denial of the elephant in the room goes on.

I would rephrase that last bit to describe the "unthinkable" as rather being that the world of Islam -- Islam -- is at war with us, is expanding into our sphere, is extending its law (sharia) into our realm, through acts of terror, poses of victimhood, unprecedented patterns of migration, and, of course, waterfalls of oil-money. And we stand paralyzed by Islam's role in reorienting our civilization to accommodate Islamic law because it shames us, it frightens us, and it demands actions that our self-censoring and soft society cannot muster.

So we overlook the obvious, the Muslim-ness of the suspect. the jihadism of the act. Soon, the apoiogies will start -- and to Hasan.

Speaking of apologies, back to the Ft. Hood backstory of Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Hammond (photo at the top). Until quite recently, MG Hammond was the commander of the 4th Infantry Division at Ft. Hood, someone you could describe as Mr. Muslim Outreach. (See here.)

Turns out, I've written about Hammond before in connection with the Koran sniper incident of May 2008 (here and here). Back then, as commander in Baghdad, he apologized profusely and abjectly for a soldier's use of a Koran for target practice before ordering an American officer to kiss a brand new replacement Koran and present it with deepest reverence to "tribal elders."

As CNN reported at the time:

"I come before you here seeking your forgiveness," Hammond said to tribal leaders and others at the apology ceremony. "In the most humble manner I look in your eyes today and I say please forgive me and my soldiers."

Another military official kissed a Quran and presented it as "a humble gift" to the tribal leaders.

Bottom line: MG Hammond may have abased himself over a copy of the blueprint for  jihad while in Iraq, but that didn't keep his men safe from an act of jihad in Texas.


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