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Jan 18

Written by: Diana West
Friday, January 18, 2008 12:39 PM 

The Telegraph story headline sounded promising:

Tories attack Islamic terrorism 'rebranding'

Aha. Now we'll see some correction to British Home Secretary Jacqui  Smith's jibbering about changing the already ridiculously non-informatively named "war on terror" to a further divorced-from-reality effort against  "anti-Islamic activity."

Conservative MPs have attacked Jacqui Smith's apparent rebranding of Islamic terrorism as "anti-Islamic activity"...

Uh-huh, good.

The move comes after the Home Secretary's first official speech on radicalisation, in which she repeatedly used the phrase "anti-Islamic" to describe the activities of Muslim extremists....

OK. Let's hear something.

Conservative MP Philip Davies complained that the Home Office appeared to be spending too much time discussing what to call terrorism as opposed to actually fighting it.

Fine, and....

 "Whenever anyone refers to Islamic terrorism, they are not saying all Muslims are terrorists," he said.

"Everybody knows what people mean is terrorists doing it in the name of Islam, misguidedly.

Oh, brother. Sounds to me as if the Conservative MP is saying that using the phrase Islamic terrorism is fine because "everybody" already knows terrorism is "anti-Islamic." In other words, the Conservative response to PC jibberish is merely to underscore the PC jibberish which insists, contrary to Islamic doctrine and tradition, that there is absolutely nothing Islamic about the terrorism that blights our age. This blinkered point of view not only overlooks the singularly Islamic doctrine of jihad, but something else that is at least as  significant: the fact that so many Muslims share the goals of Islamic terrorism: a world-wide caliphate and the spread of sharia (Islamic law). This is something that needs more, and more precise elaboration; not  obfuscation behind vague and misleading terminlogy.   




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