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Dec 8

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, December 08, 2009 4:09 PM 

Tom Stone, a pal and Marine vet (Vietnam), writes in with one more question for Gen.McC:

Sir, in light of the fact that you have forgotten, either intentionally or not, everything you were ever taught at West Point concerning warfare and the prosecution of same, I am wondering if you have considered changing the names of our Armed Forces to reflect more accurately what you and this administration have decided to pursue in the conflict, er, ah, war, er ah, anti-Islamic, no, that won’t work, well, whatever you are about to do in Afghanistan.
For example, looking into your  McChrystal  Ball, you have certainly contemplated changing the name of the Marine Corps to…The Peace Corps. Their mission is to win hearts and minds through goodwill acts of compassion and deference to the locals. 
And hey, the Army, how about….The Warmy – kind of gives you a fuzzy cuddly feeling, doesn’t it, just how you want us to treat the Afghanies. 
And gee, the Air Force, easy one, how about….. The Air Farce? They can’t bomb or air strike, don’t want to hurt the locals.  Oh No. 
And since so many of our finest are in the Reserves, surely you must have considered renaming them….The Reserved.
You remember, think twice before you shoot, the three second questions to be asked before pulling the trigger, holding back, just being down right, well, ….reserved!*** If you have not considered any of these, feel free to take me up on it and you can take all the credit.  Now YOU GO GUY.

*** Tom is harkening back to the particularly horrifying "three second decision" as laid out by a Marine lieutenant colonel who thinks "armed social work" is a compliment. Interviewed on "60 Minutes" in October, Lt. Col. Christian Cabaniss told Scott Pelley what he meant when he talked about "restraint":

"As I told the Marines before we deployed, it's about a three second decision, especially with his personal weapon. The first second is 'Can I?' The next two are 'Should I?' 'What is going to be the effect of my action? Is it going to move the Afghan closer to the government or further away?'" he explained.

Can I ... should I ...  Afghan gov moving closer ... ?

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