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Jan 9

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, January 09, 2010 5:05 PM 

The early days: Pakistani Cartoon Rage, 2006


From Islamabad:

Pakistan today condemned the reproduction of "blasphemous" caricatures of Prophet Mohammed by a Norwegian newspaper and asked the government of Norway to take appropriate steps to reprimand those responsible.

"The government and people of Pakistan strongly condemn the reproduction of Danish caricatures of Hazrat Muhammad by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten on January 8," said a statement issued by the Foreign Office spokesman.

"We urge the government of Norway to take appropriate steps with a view to ensuring that those who have committed this blasphemous act in the name of freedom of expression are appropriately reprimanded," the spokesman said.

The blasphemous cartoons had sparked widespread violent protests in Pakistan when they were published by a Danish newspaper some years ago. ... 

So, a Norwegian newspaper reprints cartoons (cartoons!!) of Mohammed, and the government of Pakistan urges the government of Norway "to take appropriate steps" to reprimand "appropriately" those who "committed this blasphemous act."

Is Norway under islamic law? The appropriate "reprimand" under Islamic law for blasphemous acts is death. Does Pakistan expect Norway to put its newspaper editor to death? Or maybe just make her life miserable? Or ensure that no Norwegian newspaper ever commits such "blasphemous acts" again?

How do you say, "Who the hell do you think you are" in Norwegian?


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