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Jan 11

Written by: Diana West
Monday, January 11, 2010 6:56 AM 

Photos: The Met and, um, The Doha.


Commenting on the Met's epic act of submission to Islam by de-Mohammedizing its Islamic galleries, Roger Kimball writes:


...the really scary thing is that the blackmail was performed without the threatening letter or malicious innuendo. There were no offers that the Met “couldn’t refuse.” They supplied the entire cycle: the intimidation a well as the capitulation. If this is blackmail, the Met is the culprit as well as the victim.

In other words, the Met is the perfect dhimmi. Given its monumental stature in what we can still think of as our culture, this is as significant as it is disastrous.


Not that the media seem to notice. Not many stories have yet appeared following yesterday's New York Post scoop. In checking coverage, I came across this small gem in the middle of a story about another Islamic art gallery, this one brand new, 91-year-old-I.M.-Pei-designed and in Doha, Qatar. No word on whether it features a Mohammed collection, but, in musing on "formerly colonized states claiming back their treasures from the erstwhile masters," there is this small but perfect gem:

Do the Elgin Marbles, removed from the Athens Parthenon, belong in the new Greek building ....?  And what is that elegant head of Queen Nefertiti doing in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin? Shouldn’t she join her relatives in Cairo? The European museums know full well that much of their fame rests on the possession of these fine objects and without them they would be left with only a few local finds.       



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