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Jan 15

Written by: Diana West
Friday, January 15, 2010 2:56 AM 

Joining Pakistan (our "ally" in the war on whatever),  Iran (never our "enemy" in the Iranian War in Iraq) and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (Sharia Central) this week officially condemned Afterposten, the leading daily newspaper (circ. 250,000) of Norway, for reprinting six of the Danish Mohammed cartoons in its coverage of the most recent assassination attempt against Kurt Westergaard, creator of the little sketch above.

The OIC statement:

A spokesman of the Organization of the Islamic Conference condemned the reprint of the blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten as reaction on the alleged attempt on the life of the Danish cartoonist earlier in the month.

The spokesman said that reprint of the cartoons was unfortunate and act of provocation on the part of the Norwegian newspaper as it would not serve any purpose other than to incite intolerance and hatred.

My translation of OIC-speak tells me that the only "intolerance" and "hatred" being incited here is toward Aftenposten. The OIC is actually broadcasting a call to the faithful against the "unfortunate" "act of provocation" committed by the newspaper -- for covering the news in defiance of sharia. How dare the Norwegian newspaper paper print the Motoons? How dare any newspaper print the Motoons? Provocation! Blasphemy!

No joke. Blasphemy is punishable by death under Islamic law.

Can we sign up for parrallel universes, now?

Whether Aftenposten suffers more than such blasts of total hot air, the umma -- which, of course, the OIC represents collectively, boosted by solo statements from Pakistan and Iran -- has furthered its goal of total Motoon censorship and isolation. After all, how many bold media outlets have followed Aftenposten's example?


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