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Jan 28

Written by: Diana West
Monday, January 28, 2008 5:27 PM 

After Claudia Rosett lobbed a soaring journalistic salvo at the Pentagon last week in the form of an explosive piece on the distinctly fishy resume and record of Hesham Islam--the "personal close confidante" of Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England who, Bill Gertz has reported is behind the termination of Stephen Coughlin--it was only natural to wonder what would happen next. Would Islam be given the gate? (Dream on.) Would Congress get involved? (Unclear.) Would anyone do anything? (Apparently not.)

Well, kind of like the Kremlin of old, the Pentagon works in inscrutable ways. Today, Claudia posted an incremental, if bizarre update on the story:

Last Friday NRO ran my article, “Questions for the Pentagon: Who Is Hesham Islam?” The article raised questions about some of the stories recounted in a glowing profile, dated Oct. 15, on the Defense Department web site, featuring a top Pentagon aide, Hesham Islam.

Instead of answering the questions, the Pentagon appears to have disappeared the profile.Today, the entire web page, complete with photo of Islam in his office and lavish praise from his boss, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, appears to have simply vanished from the DoD site.


What’s going on? I phoned the Pentagon to ask, following more than a week of trying to get answers prior to publishing the story last Friday about the mysteries surrounding this top aide, whom Gordon England, number two man at the Pentagon, described last year (that link has not yet disappeared) as his “personal close confidante.”  No answers yet. Once again: Who’s running this show?

Sounds like a good question for Congress to ask (hint, hint).


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