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Feb 7

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, February 07, 2010 8:10 AM 

Ilmar Reepalu is the Mayor of Malmo, Sweden, but he could well serve as the Mouthpiece of Eurabia, having crystallized its essence in a recent interview about rocketing Antisemitism in his city. Malmo (pop. 250,000), a confortable train ride across the Oresund strait from Copenhagen, is Sweden's third-largest city, a Leftist-jihadist territory where like-minded Leftist "antifa" Swedes and Muslim immigrants, the 21st-century's alliance of Brown Shirts and Black Shirts, effectively arm "civilized" Socialist rule with the under-flowing threat and as-necessary implementation of violence.

You may recall the March 2009 Davis Cup match between Sweden and Israel that was played in Malmo sans spectators after the City Council voted five to four to hold the match in an empty stadium. As the Jerusalem Post noted at the time, this made "winners" of the "Stop the Match" campaign "which prevailed on the council's Socialist-Left majority to quarantine Israelis and Jews behind an apartheid police cordon to protest israel's action in the recent Gaza war."

Six thousand Palestinian partisans marched on the stadium in a protest that, naturally, turned violent, resulting in 100 arrests.

Malmo, whose population is more than 25 percent Muslim immigrant, is also infamous for recurring violence in Rosengard, a mainly Muslim housing project I have had the opportunity at least to view. I drove by on a rainy and very quiet afternoon with friends from the anti-Islamization party Sweden Democrats, but on riot nights, fire department and ambulances can't go in without police escort. (Here is an excellent report on Malmo by CBN.)

Now, some of Malmo's tiny Jewish population, estimated at no more than 700 people, are leaving this Islamized city, where the 79 crimes against Jews reported to police in 2009 were double the number reported in 2008.

What about it, Mr. Mayor? In Reepalu's January interview, as Tundra Tabloids puts it (and translates), the mayor "blames the collective Jew, Israel, for recent attacks against Jews in Malmö, `due to the conflict in Gaza last year [spilling] over to Malmo.' "

TT continues: "But Reepalu goes further to elucidate his true views on Israel, which basically follows the thinking in the Islamic world, that Jews are not allowed a national movement of their own...."

From the interview: "Have you considered to say in public that Malmo does not accept anti-Semitism. Or is that controversial?

Reepalu: We don't accept Zionism or Antisemitism. They are [both] extremists that want to set themselves over other other groups and believe [other] groups are worth less.

This is indeed the Islamic world view, which, as Bat Ye'or has long and patiently explained to mainly deaf ears, has been adopted by powerful sectors of the European elite who made common cause with Yasir Arafat to delegitimize the very existence of Israel. In a recent speech in Israel (video here, text here), Bat Ye'or discussed the resurgence of Antisemitism in Europe and again placed it in the key framework of "Eurabia":

This new Judeophobia is not aimed at individual Jews, [not] at the populations that since the Shoah have become marginal and insignificant on demographic and political levels.

It is [rather] expressed through an implacable and disdainful hate for the state of Israel, for what [Israel] represents and stands for, and [it is also expressed] by the glorification of Palestinianism, which is an ideology for the elimination of Jews as in former days of Nazis. ... In other words, one does not express institutional racism, one celebrates Palestinianism and its jihadist ideology. ...

Or, as Mayor Reepalu puts it on the flip side, one denounces both Antisemitism and Zionism, as though Jews living in a Jewish state is similarly a manifestation of irrational hatred and therefore deserving of eradication. Of course and as usual, such thinly veiled and ultimately genocidal attitudes are not just a problem for Jews. Bat Ye'or explains:

[Europe's] anti-Israel strategy initiated in the 1970's will not change. It will continue. It is too late to change. It will continue to its conclusion: the destruction of Europe.

For there, finally, is the paradox and the pitfall: this new Judeophobia is, in fact, inseparable from Europe's long-term policy of fusion with the Arab world, which includes the mass immigration from Muslim countries, with demographic, sociological, political and religious changes that come with it.

In other words, make a deal with the devil, end up in hell.

Such changes are not the result of chance, but [rather] a planned and intended strategy, whose unfolding can be followed in the texts of the numerous Euro/Arab conferences.

I have called this transformation of Europe: Eurabia.

Eurabia is not Europe. It is its enemy. It does not represent the majority of Europeans nor all its politicians.

It is the Ilmar Reepalus that represent Eurabia, Europe's enemy -- and our own.


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