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Feb 22

Written by: Diana West
Monday, February 22, 2010 1:38 PM 

Astonishing how quietly retired General and former Secretary of State Alexander Haig passed away this past weekend, slipping the mortal coil practically incognito -- at least for a significant historical figure whose decades of service to this nation spanned war and tumultous peace.

Sure, there were front-page obituaries in the big papers, and yes, they all pounced one more time on his post Reagan-assassination-attempt "I'm in charge" routine -- a bogus splice of life, the way the media played it, that always cut the part where he said he would of course be informing the vice president if anything came up while he was in transit back to Washington ....

Tom DeFrank discusses Haig's key contributions in the darkest days of Watergate here.

Arnaud de Brochgrave recounts Haig's impressive military career (and strange-sounding later-life devotion to communist China) here.

Israel National News points out what a good friend to Israel Haig was here.

In 1988, I spent some time travelling with "the general" on an extremely short-lived presidential campaign, and I liked him. Of course, the crowds were so thin you could  see straight through to the writing on the wall that led him to drop out of the race even before the New Hampshire primary, which says something about how a life lived at the pinnacles of power can be invisible down on the hustings. And, apparently, if the life is long enough, at the pinnacles of power and surrounding environs and echo chambers.

Alexander Haig, RIP.




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