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Feb 24

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 4:19 AM 

I'm driving along, I turn on the radio , a gravelly voice with an unplaceable Northeastern accent comes on ...

"...and during that period with Nazism and fascism growing -- a real danger to the United States and Democratic countries all over the world -- there were people in this Congress, in the British parliament saying, 'don't worry! Hitler is not real! It'll disappear! We don't have to be prepared to take it on....'"

My gosh, who is that talking so forthrightly about the failure of the West to face up to the existential threat of Islam -- on AM drive-time radio?

Darn that dream. The speaker was Bernie Sanders, Vermont's "independent" senator, and he was talking not about Islamic apologists who deny the perils of Islamization and the spread of liberty-strangling sharia (Islamic law), but about those of us who have by now figured out that global warming -- sorry, climate-change -- is a lot of bunk based on a noxious brew of cooked scientific data and warmed-over Karl Marx.

Since the break-the-bank climate-change legislation known as Cap and Trade looks less and less likely to pass in Congress, the Obama administration is gearing up to seize control of greenhouse gas emissions through the EPA, something Sen. James Inhofe is leading the Senate charge against. This is what has inspired Sanders to his desparate and deplorable rhetoric: Fact-based climate-change skepticism as fact-denying Nazi appeasement. Is he kidding?

Sanders' invocation of Hitlerian appeasement tells us that it's not greenhouse gases that are in need of regulation in Washington but rather mass hysterics, which emit an awful lot of, yes, hot air.







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