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Mar 17

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 11:11 AM 

Here's corroboration of the report indicating a distinctly Arabist outlook on the part of  Gen. Petraeus, who seems to view Israel as a root cause of problems, even American problems, in the Islamic world. It comes from the CENTCOM chief's own testimony before the Senate yesterday. Setting up "a number of cross-cutting issues that serve as major drivers of instability, inter-state tensions, and conflict," factors that "can serve as root causes of instability or as obstacles to security," he began with Israel. He said in his prepared statement:

Insufficient progress toward a comprehensive Middle East peace. The enduring hostilities between Israel and some of its neighbors present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests in the AOR.

Does he mean by "enduring hostilities" the fact that the Islamic world wants to eradicate Israel?

Israeli-Palestinian tensions often flare into violence and large-scale armed confrontations.

Isn't it amazing that the Israelis don't just let the "neighbors'" rockets just keep falling?

The conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of U.S. favoritism for Israel.

Funny, last time I looked the US was allies with Israel ...

Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of U.S. partnerships with governments and peoples in the AOR and weakens the legitimacy of moderate regimes in the Arab world.

As in: Darn it, Uncle Sam, that country is still there! Can't you do something about that? The umma is restive. Thought outside the box: Maybe those "partners" just aren't on our side.

Meanwhile, al-Qaeda and other militant groups exploit that anger to mobilize support.

Anger, anger -- has this man never, ever heard of jihad -- and specifically, the jihad against Israel, a once dhimmi nation subjugated by Muslim invaders that has since been restored to sovreignty?

The conflict also gives Iran influence in the Arab world through its clients, Lebanese Hizballah and Hamas.

Goodbye, Israel, goodbye problem with Iran? Hmm. Maybe that's why the past two administrations have seemed so unconcerned about Iranian nukes.

Wonder if Gen. Petraeus will elaborate on this perception of the world through umma-eyes when, later this spring, he delivers the Irving Kristol Lecture for 2010 at the American Enterprise Institute.

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