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Mar 18

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, March 18, 2010 2:15 AM 

Power clasp: Murdoch and Talal at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit last week.

I know the story of the day about Fox News is Brett Baier's interview with President Obama but this short American Thinker piece by Jed Gladstein shouldn't be missed:

"Is Fox News Tiling Toward the Arabs?" the title asks. The answer is yes -- although I would characterize it more precisely as a tilt toward Islam and its narratives (we have to start thinking macro, people) -- as I have   written here, here and here.

Gladstein's piece:

I wondered how long it would take after Saudi money was insinuated into Rupert Murdoch's empire before anti-Semitism hit the Fox News airwaves in the form of tug-at-your-heart, pro-Arab, mini-hit pieces against the State of Israel. It didn't take long.

Did anyone notice Shepard Smith's passionate rant against Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Arabs a few days ago? I always thought Smith was just a smarmy, jock-type teeny-bopper. But he obviously knows which side his bread is buttered on, and he is fully capable of getting all lathered up over something about which he is absolutely ignorant.

Today on Fox News, Amy Kellogg did another hit piece on Israel, using a cute little heart-strings-tugger about the peaceful Syrian civilians who picnic on the Golan Heights in nostalgic longing for the times when it belonged to Syria. Of course, there was no mention of the carnage and slaughter inflicted on peaceful Israeli citizens when the Syrians were in charge of the Golan. Apparently, there's no nostalgia in that.

But, what I am wondering is this: since, by its own definition, Fox News is "fair and balanced," where are all the tug-at-your-heart-strings pieces about dispossessed Middle Eastern Jews and innocent Israeli citizens? What's that? Did someone say there aren't any Saudi Princes bankrolling propaganda pieces about non-Arabs in the Middle East? Well, well, who would ever suspect that the power of petro-dollars would turn Fox News into just another anti-Israel propaganda outlet?

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