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Mar 19

Written by: Diana West
Friday, March 19, 2010 11:23 AM 

George Ford writes in:

Your blog on Petraeus makes me wish it's all a "24" episode and I'll grab the remote and delete the story out of existence.

But first, the plot:

The quiet hero-general of the Iraq war gets promoted to regional responsibilities amid talk of a possible presidential bid. His unfairly maligned patron/President/Commander-in Chief leaves office, replaced with a flamboyant Leftist who starts gutting the military and replacing Ollie North look-alikes with Janet Napolitano look-alikes. Just when you think the gutting and compromising with jihad can't get any worse, it cuts to a Pentagon meeting with the Joint Chiefs where the totally compromised Arab lackey Michael Mullen is saying, "So, gentlemen, it's time we move on Israel ...."

Cut to Mullen in the back of a limo saying into his cell phone: "It went well, General."

Cut to a close-up on Petraeus as he puts down his cell. A lady's hand extends into frame holding a Scotch in expensive crystal. Pull back to reveal Samantha Powers. Petraeus loosens his tie. Powers: "It's falling into place, just as we planned...."


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