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Apr 26

Written by: Diana West
Monday, April 26, 2010 11:10 AM 

Ah, Yale. So edifying, so enriching (at least metaphorically speaking since the Yale experience drains parental coffers of as much as $50K per year).

But It's Worth Every Penny.

I just dipped into Ye Olde Daily News to learn about the quaint (new) custom of "Spring Fling" -- a rock extravaganza -- on the Old Campus, the organization of which requires the students of the college social committee to have spent much of the past two semesters studying hundreds of bands to determine which of them should be invited to come and perform this week on the Old Campus.

The poor dears must have burned up their I-pod ear buds in pursuit of the Truth and Light -- and Good Taste -- that led to the selection of, yes, the Ying Yang Twins as one of the acts. This is an ultra-raunchy hip hop group most often described as "misogynistic."

Their selection has inspired enough campus controversy to compel the Spring Fling Executive Board to explain it in the campus paper:

... Surveys are conducted to determine both the popularity and the favorability of artists in the student body. The Committee then evaluates each artist ... For most artists, the evaluation focuses solely on their entertainment value; some artists, however, merit special consideration for an additional factor: offensiveness.

Read: explicit nastiness.

Of the many artists the Committee considered this year, many were deemed offensive, in that they had at least one offensive song (Please note this designation is not meant to imply anything about the artists themselves).


Of the artists we considered offensive, most were hip-hop artists, and most hip-hop artists we considered were offensive.

Ergo ... this designation is not meant to imply anything, either.

But now hear this.

While we considered a few hip-hop artists who were not offensive, when we evaluated all of the hip-hop artists solely based on entertainment value and cost, the Ying Yang Twins were clearly the best choice. In addition, though we considered the Ying Yang Twins offensive, we concluded that the group was not too offensive to prevent our selection. Unlike some offensive artists, the Ying Yang Twins do not advocate the commission of specific criminal acts, the standard that we have generally used for disqualifying acts.

Got that? ($50K a year, folks.)

This ultimate selection of the Ying Yang Twins had wide support among the Committee, including many female and minority members.

Diversity stamp of approval.

No member voiced any personal offense to the lyrics of any Ying Yang Twins song.

Nothing personal.

While we do not present this as evidence that the Ying Yang Twins are not offensive, we do think it suggests that, while the Ying Yang Twins may appear offensive, most who listen to their music, regardless of whether they are fans, understand that the songs are too ridiculous to be taken at face value.

Too ridiculous.

We do not believe, for instance, that any student will be swayed by their songs to degrade a woman without her consent, and, as such, we are not concerned by the offensive nature of their songs. 

Consensual degradation. That about sums it up. Bright college years, dude.


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