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May 5

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, May 05, 2010 1:23 AM 

Above is a photo from Fitna, Geert Wilders' remarkable short film about what we know but won't admit: Islam is waging jihad on the West to bring sharia to the world.

As acts of jihad in this country have become commonplace, so, too, are acts of cluelessness about jihad.

I wonder if there's a connection.

Just another example from the AP today:

NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery

NEW YORK – A man accused of trying to detonate a car bomb in Times Square spent a decade on the path to respectability before abandoning his house in Connecticut and deciding to supplement his business degrees with explosives training in Pakistan, authorities say. ...

Gee. Homeowner, business degree, explosives training -- what kind of career path is that?

It's called "path to jihad," duh, but far be it from "authorities" to figure that one out eight-plus years and 15,241 acts of Islamic terror after 9/11.

Authorities said they had shed little light on what might have motivated him. ...

Support Geert Wilders.

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