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May 16

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, May 16, 2010 6:03 AM 

I am late posting video of last week's Islamic assault on Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, which turned his Uppsala University lecture on free speech (naurally) into a melee. How late am I? Before I could get the Tuesday attack online, his home in Scania, Sweden was firebombed Saturday night.

There is something rotten, and not just in Denmark, when it is unarmed, bespectacled, sometimes elderly cartoonists who are the ones laying it all on the line for free speech in the West.

Video and an account of the arson attack from the Danish Free Press Society's Sappho below:

"Arson Attack on Cartoonist's Home"

By Uwe Max Jensen, Sappho.dk

During the night of May 15 unknown perpetrators smashed a window in Lars Vilks' house in Scania, Sweden, poured gasoline into the bouilding and proceeded to set fire to it.

By coincidence the artist spent the night with his girlfriend and escaped with his life.

After being alerted by the Swedish police, Vilks has returned to his house, where Sappho.dk contacted him at noon today.

"The place is swarming with police and I can talk no further right now," Vilks told Sappho's reporter. In the background one can hear policemen talking to each other.  

Sappho is following the case and will soon have a man on the spot in Scania.  

Lars Vilks' blog is up and running again after being hacked following Islamicist attacks on him at Uppsala University last Tuesday. 

In a comment to this latest attempt on Vilks' life, the President of the Free Press Society Lars Hedegaard expresses his astonishment. 

"How was possible for these murderers to gain access to Vilks' house only a few days after a mob assaulted him at Uppsala University? What are the Swedish police and political class up to? As far as I know not a single Swedish politician has had a word to say about the attack in Uppsala. Is the truth that Swedish power-holders prefer to see Vilks killed in order to send a message to other critics of the Swedish multicultural idyll?" 

“Now is the time to demonstrate practical solidarity. We can all do that by purchasing the drawing [below] his would-be murderers are so angry about," says Lars Hedegaard.

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