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May 19

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 3:24 PM 

The House Armed Services Committee today approved an amendment to the 2011 defense authorization bill that declares the 2009 shootings at the Little Rock recruiting station and at Ft. Hood to be acts of war. Or at least a lawyerly equivalent as acts "of an enemy of the United States." This provision will enable the government to provide, as Marine Times reports, a "one-time payment equal to what those killed and wounded would have received if they were in a combat zone at the time of the shootings."

But no Purple Hearts.

Killed by Muslims professing jihad, these battle dead will lie in their graves unrecognized by the US government whose uniform they wore.

Another disgrace.

The Marine Times story hints at some distasteful Democrat bargaining over this  -- bargaining  I'd like to know more about.

The addition of the June 1 Little Rock shooting to the amendment was part of a compromise on a provision pushed by Republicans to make a point that the war on terror has hit home. As part of the compromise, the final bill also was narrowed so that casualties of the two shootings are not eligible for a Purple Heart or other combat-related benefits that Republicans had wanted in the bill.

How do they live with themselves?


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