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May 20

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, May 20, 2010 2:07 AM 

One of thousands of Mo-toons up and about the web today.


The gal who thought it up may have wanted to call it back (she's from Seattle), but it was an idea whose time had come. So while Holly Norris has actually "joined a Facebook page that decries the "Draw Muhammad" campaign -- "AGAINST Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" --  and is "reaching out" to local Muslims (whatever that means), the Mohammed draw-a-thon continues, drawing tens of thousands of participants on blogs and, movement-like, on Facebook around the world.

Western world, that is.

Indeed, if ever Kipling's line about East and West and never the twain shall meet had graphic illustration, it's today (again).

Pakistan -- you know, our "ally" in the war on whatever (insert primal scream) -- has erupted in protests over Draw Mo day (naturally), and the government -- you know, that Western-educated elite stratum we're supposed to have so much in common with -- has banned Facebook at least until the end of the month.

From the Bloomberg story:

Pakistan needs an effective plan to prevent anti-Islam elements "hurting the sentiments of Muslims," state-run Associated Press of Pakistan cited religious affairs minister Saeed Kazmi as saying in Islamabad. Kazmi called on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to organize a meeting of Muslim countries and create a united policy for dealing with anti- Islamic moves, APP reported.

The telecommunications regulator blocked Facebook after the Lahore High Court imposed a ban the Ministry of Information Technology instructed it, according to Mehran.

"We were instructed by the Ministry of Information Technology to block a link," Mehran said by telephone from Islamabad yesterday.

Just to emphasize, practically the whole Pakistani government is involved: The religious affairs minister called the prime minister to organize an umma-wide meeting of the Muslims -- pencil in an OIC get-together  -- while the telecommunications "regulator" blocked Facebook after a Pakistani high court imposed the ban as per instrructions from the info tech minister....

And the Pakistani people? Pics below.

More pics here.

Meanwhile, the professional flock is confused.

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