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Feb 12

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, February 12, 2008 7:56 AM 

The affront to British dignity caused by the Archbishop of Canterbury when he affirmed the arrival of  sharia into GB in a BBC interview last week  is something to behold. That is, while we hear stentorian tones about "only one law for Britain" and all that, it is still the case that one-law Britain has been vigorously making way for sharia for a long time. Recent news stories tell us, for example, that polygamous marriages are now eligible for welfare assistance (as in multiple wives will recieve benefits) even as polygamy is a crime in GB, while Prime MInister Gordon Brown--he of the one-law-for-Britain comment--has made it his mission to make London the global center of Islamic finance--namely, finance according to sharia. De facto sharia courts exist in every major British city, and the British government recently called off a corruption case involving arms sales and Saudi Arabia, which doesn't exactly sound like a validation of the Magna Carta to me.

Now this.

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