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Sep 15

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 10:39 AM 

Alex Stewart, an Australian commercial contracts lawyer, satirized the dhimmi rush to avert Kindling Koran Rage by rolling what he now says were grass clippings into a page of the Bible and a page of the Koran and smoking them both -- on a Youtube video, now sharia-censored.

In fact, according to the Courier Mail, the man's entire "YouTube account, which was used to post around 100 videos, many of them challenging religion, has been closed and the videos deleted."

That's not all. After meeting with his employer, Queensland University of Technology, over the Koran and Bible smoking video, Stewart has taken an indefinite leave of absence and, according to the Brisbane Times, expects to lose his job. (Move over, Derek Fenton.)

A spokeswoman this morning said police would not charge Mr Stewart.

"We haven't detected any criminal offences," the spokeswoman said.

So why is he being censored and ostracized and quite probably fired? For breaking Islamic law.

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