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Feb 14

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:30 AM 

Claudia Rosett  has double-checked with Gordon England's office about whether Hesham Islam has been dismissed. "Heavens, no!" said the office (or something like that). Hmmm. Who is coming to bat for Hesham Islam? Steven Emerson takes a look at one HI defender: Louay Safi, the director of Muslim Brotherhood-linked ISNA, who goes into a lather over the supposed  "McCarthyite" campaign he says is out to smear dear, sweet, minding-his-own-business-ousting-Stephen-Coughlin Hesham Islam.

Then again, didn't Joseph McCarthy say the government was riddled with communists? And wasn't the government riddled with communists? "McCarthyism" has become a buzz word for "shut up," but thanks to books like M. Stanton Evans'  Blacklisted by History, enemy infiltration may become something Americans concern themselves with someday. I hope.


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