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Oct 7

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, October 07, 2010 6:38 AM 

Day 3 of the Wilders "hate speech" trial and Jan Moors, the judge presiding, again betrays favoritism toward the plaintiffs in the case --  in this instance a lady-plaintiff who in the video below (via Klein Verzet) tells the  judge she does not wish to see the courtroom screening of Wilders' film Fitna and asks to be excused. (Do watch Fitna yourself, if you haven't seen it already,  here at Liveleaks.)

"I can imagine," Kangaroo Jan tells her.

During the ensuing exchange with Wilders' lawyer over this egregious comment, Kangaroo Jan further describes the lady as "an injured party."

Um, isn't that yet to be proven -- or not? Not in this Dutch Star Chamber. More on the proceedings from Klein Verzet here and Gates of Vienna here. Mark Tapscott has an excellent editorial at the Washington Examiner here.

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