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Oct 19

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, October 19, 2010 4:39 PM 

Mohammed Enait, counselor for plaintiffs in the Wilders Trial


The spectacle continues.

Following Friday's announcement that prosecutors in the Geert Wilders trial in Amsterdam have recommended that Wilders be acquitted, the trial of course (?) continues until November 5 when the judge hands down his or -- who knows? -- some other entity's verdict.

If the proceedings to date have resembled something out of Kafka or Koestler, we have now entered pure Waugh.

Below, Mohammed Enait, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, appears in a video via Vlad Tepes. I thought I recognized that mug, and sure enough I reported on Enait's judicial victory in  December of last year when he was acquitted of contempt of court and permitted on Islamic grounds not to rise when a judge enters the court, and to wear Islamic headgear in court. Enait, it seems, as NISNews noted at the time, has also been "the focus of satire after it emerged that the secretaries portrayed on the website of his office were porn actresses. Enait refuses to shake hands with women."

Is that a non-sequitor? Anyway, he also considers the burqa to be a fashion must-have (and must-wear) for the ladies. As Gates of Vienna notes, Enait freqeuntly refers to Dutch people as "aborignals."  In sum, the perfect advocate for ghastly judicial farce!

In the video below, don't miss Nico Steijnen, Enait's co-counsel with the long white pony tail, as he just wanders on through the courtroom....

What next?

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