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Nov 4

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, November 04, 2010 3:02 AM 

President Obama, fresh from his weird White House press conference (No, Tuesday's election was not a rejection of my policies), is now on his "See-India-and-Indonesia-on-200-Million-Dollars-a-Day" tour.

What's another several hundred million dollars in knick-knacks? The Jakarta Globe is reporting that Obama is expected to announce $700 million in aid to "help the country tackle climate change."

Compelling national interest, anyone? Can't wait till John Boehner and Rand Paul get the memo. From the story:

Saving them [Indonesia's forests] from illegal logging and unsustainable clearing for agriculture and mining could help the country meet its goals to cut greenhouse emissions — the third-highest globally according to the World Bank, taking into account deforestation and land use.

It would also help the United States in its goal to fight climate change, and help Indonesia become a source of tradeable forest carbon offsets that would help polluting US industries meet future targets to cut emissions.

Guess Jakarta didn't get the message that even Obama acknowledges that  cap-and-tax is dead. Or does he?

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