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Dec 19

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, December 19, 2010 6:56 AM 

While researching this week's column, I came across an extraordinary collection of videos at Kansas Watchdog,  all taken during Labor Weekend's Leavenworth Ten Freedom Ride. They showcase the families of the wrongly incarcerated soldiers whose debt to society, if they ever had one, is long paid. In fact, we owe them our attention at the very least, and, if possible, our assistance in their legal defense. For more information, see United American Patriots and Leavenworth Ten Freedom Ride.

I've written columns and posted about these men both collectively and individually (for example, Sgt. Evan Vela, Lt. Michael Behenna), but it's just not enough. My friend John Work has written compellingly about Sgt. John Hatley here.  

I've never highlighted the details of PFC Corey Claggett's case only because I didn't know them. I do now and they are harrowing. To date, Corey has served more than four years in solitary confinement for following an unlawful order to kill two al-Qaeda suspects (His superior who ordered the killings is free on parole, and the man who killed a third one is not only free but has been promoted. Details here.) That means that without clemency,  Corey Clagget has 14 more more years to go on this diabolically harsh and unjust 18-year sentence.

Please watch the beyond-moving presentation by his lawyer Tim Parlatore and mother Melanie Dianiska featured above. If you wish to contribute to Corey's defense fund, here is a link.


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