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Feb 21

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, February 21, 2008 11:42 AM 

From Victor Davis Hanson:

Barack Obama may have gone to exclusive private schools. He and his wife may both be lawyers who between them have earned four expensive Ivy League degrees. They may make about a million dollars a year, live in an expensive home and send their kids to prep school. But they are still apparently first-hand witnesses to how the American dream has gone sour. Two other Ivy League lawyers, Hillary and Bill, are multimillionaires who have found America to be a land of riches beyond most people's imaginations. But Hillary also talks of the tragic lost dream of America.

In these gloom-and-doom narratives by the well off, we less fortunate Americans are doing almost everything right, but still are not living as well as we deserve to be. And the common culprit is a government that is not doing enough good for us, and corporations that do too much bad to us.

And so, according to the Democratic formulation, we need more government! More programs! More handouts! Higher taxes! Less autonomy! Less personal responsibility! Less freedom. This election promises to be a referendum on the death of the grown-up. If we elect  a Democrat president, it will prove that our infantilization is complete.

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